Race bike ideas on a £4.5k budget

Looking for a crit machine but would like something that is sub 7.5kg as well. What would you buy and why? Used bikes are being considered. Definitely want something with Di2

You might give Giant a look. Their frames come with a 2 year crash protection warranty.

I build all my bikes from scratch and I’ve never been afraid of used frames. Just find ones that are mint, never ridden much. I built my Colnago C59 from a used frame. I was $3.5K all in with Campagnolo Chorus and Farsports wheels. A build like that from a bike shop would be $8,000+.


Stretch is to £4,750 and get a tarmac SL7 expert with Di2.

Bike is getting amazing reviews. Stiff and aero for racing, still amazingly light and comfy.

Just get new wheels once you can afford them.

Ribble Aero 883 disc with Di2 is £3k. Spare cash for an extra wheelset.

Does it have to include race wheels at that price?

probably an unpopular opinion…



Bowman Palace or Kinesis Aithein both light weight, race focused framesets.

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Crit Racing = Don’t buy something you can’t afford to replace.

A quite popular crit bike (since not Carbon) is the Specialized Allez Sprint. Maybe sth for you.


Isn’t that what race insurance is for? Good suggestion though I do like the Allez sprints

4.8k for aluminium :frowning:

This looks very nice! Imagine these will be about 4K once they hit the 2nd hand market

I’ve got a TCR - not keen on the Propel after I test rode one and then the TCR.

I was going to suggest a used CAAD12 105, forget the 7.5kg aspiration (although it isn’t a lot more if you pick parts well, about 8kg with 1500g wheels and ally finishing kit).

I’d go new TCR for the crash guarantee.

Alternatively pick up a CAAD or Allez Sprint frame second hand and trick it out to get the weight down.

Third option: Condor Italia RC with custom geometry. A Di2 or Record build with carbon wheels, seatpost and bars would be about 4.5k.

Depending on size, 7.5kg may be doable for options 2&3: I ride an aluminium bike that’s 7.8kg without pedals.

I’ve had a Kinesis ht way back in the day, have a Tripster AT right now and when the rim brakes Bianchi is retired will prob build an Athein disc.

The frames just seem good value for money, ride nicely, my local shop is a dealer and rides one himself. I always think if someone with access to many bikes rides oneir can’t be bad.

You can often find unused frames that might be a bit out of date as well. My current road bike was built in a frame like that and provided the Dr.s office delivers expected good news I’ll build another road bike like that. My CX bike is a stock from the factory machine though.

Out of curiosity: Which insurance do you have / consider?

My personal experience with insurance (not bike related): Either you pay a huge premium or there is always some catch in the fine print. Like excluding something like own fault, higher power etc. or just repaying the time value, only some parts, big excess etc.

OK, I am going to be that guy.

The one that fits you. Unless you already have, go and get a bike fit and then look at what frames may fit you from there. Many different bikes have been suggested, but they pretty different geometries. Just as example, a Cannondale CAAD13 is very different to a Cervelo R5 in fit.

I see so many people riding bikes, which clearly do not fit properly - typically too long or too low or both.


Absolutely - hence my suggestion of custom geometry. If you have a competent fitter/builder and a good understanding of your own needs, you will get something which not only fits you like a glove but provides more speed and comfort as well. I’d take 8kg and a perfect fit over 7.5kg and an ok fit any day of the week.

Cue old man memes :grin:

At least in the UK, most bike insurance comes in different categories (e.g. bronze, silver, etc). It is usually only the top one that covers racing, and you can expect to pay a premium for it. There are several companies that have good reps for paying up in these situations, but the policies are not cheap. YMMV.

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