🎥 Race Analysis: Getting Destroyed at my First P/1/2/3 Race (2020 Cal Aggie Crit P123)

Follow along with Pete and Amber as they analyze Nate’s first race with the P/1/2/3s and see how he manages massive accelerations and unrelenting team tactics in our latest Race Analysis Video, live now on YouTube!


Thank you for sharing this race analysis. I really enjoyed the insights you all provided.
Great attitude too Nate to getting amongst it and keep learning.

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That’s not “destroyed” that’s “losing a gamble.” Made my basement bound over unders more interesting tonight.


Well done Nate, it will get better. Every year I have the same thing happen to me in my first race of the year and I am only racing C grade Masters here in Australia. I guess this is the reason tail gunning is so popular over the action at the front!

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Even though I knew what was coming (thanks to the Podcast), my heart sank at the end. You made a great account of yourself @Nate_Pearson :+1:

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lol, I was doing over unders when I watched this one too. Avalanche Spire.

Well done Nate that was excellent to watch - is there one take away from the race that you will implement next race?

Thanks Nate. I love watching these and I think your willingness to share your experience publicly is a help to all who care to learn from your journey. Also I think your attitude about your ups and downs demonstrates what a class act you are. You laugh when telling how you got blown out the back. Super cool. Your sharing and modeling is much appreciated !!!

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