Questionable workouts for middle distance triathlon

I’ve used trainerroad successfully for several seasons to train for various length triathlons. However, this season, I feel like there are some questionable workouts leading up to my A race - middle distance at the start of June. All the bike workouts seem pretty short, maxing out at 1:45. I’m targeting around 2:30 for the bike leg.

In previous seasons, I remember a selection of longer workouts and this current curation of workouts isn’t filling me with confidence so I plan on subbing in some longer ones.

Has anyone else experienced similar?

Hey there @dballinger,

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If you’re looking for workouts longer than 1:45, I’d recommend editing your Custom Workout Duration Caps. These are in place to cap workouts at certain durations. Hard days can go up to 2 hours, whereas easy and endurance days can be capped as high as 5 hours as shown below.

Once you have your caps set how you’d like them Adaptive Training will work you up to those durations. If you’d like to dive right into longer workouts, passing a workout from the selection of Workout Alternates should get things up to speed really quickly.

Let me know if this helps and if you have other questions about this.

Thanks again & happy training!

I didn’t realise this feature existed. This is really helpful. Thanks very much.

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No problem! I’m always happy to help! :nerd_face:

This is a great tool that really helps dial in each athlete’s individual schedule to their needs.

Just shout if I can help out with anything else down the road!