Question on spin improvement

Okay so one month into using TACX training software on the PC for my Z2 fillers (When it works). The little power sector chart widget has been captivating. Now here’s my situation. Given the most efficient spin will have a chart that looks like a peanut or if you are the living embodiment of souplesse; a sausage. I have been experimenting to see how to get my demented butterfly to at least nod in the direction of the peanut. So some conclusions:

  1. Whatever the right left balance says (49/51) the lobes of my chart are asymmetrical.
  2. I can only get close to a peanut at lower revs. 85 and under
  3. Key sector for me is the pull.
  4. Finally only get there if I ankle.

I used to naturally ankle as a kid but gave it up when I read in 90’s it was pointless. What’s the current thinking on that? High revs has really poor spin efficiency for me. So should I drop my preferred rpm?

Does any of this matter?

Random thoughts…I can only speak for myself and my opinion while riding outside is staying on top of the gear is important when trying to make high power/speed.

If you have a sound fit and no crazy physiological condition, pulling pushing, peanut shape spin scan, left right imbalance, efficiency are all things that just don’t really matter when trying to sustain high power (relative to the rider). We are all asymmetric so focusing on being symmetrical is a red herring.

As far as ankling, the lower the saddle height the more I ankle to make power.

The more powerful I am the more I power the pedal over the top. Totally changes the pedal stroke and what people refer to a supple. When you fatigue that power over the top breaks down and suppleness turns into a struggle.

Yes IMO trying to ankle will just needlessly complicate something that is natural and unique to each rider. Jobst Brandt once likened ankling being similar to how people walked. Very individual due to physiology rather than an advantage.

With that said at lower cadence I ankle more. I don’t consciously try mind you. I’m just trying to make power.