Q Collar - Thoughts and Knowledge?

Does anyone use a q collar? On the surface, it seems like a lightweight tool that really helps with concussions. It’s FDA-cleared and used by athletes in contact sports like lacrosse, football, and soccer. It seems like it might be more appropriate for small, repeated bumps as opposed to a big crash, but I’m not sure.

Just curious if anyone has knowledge or experience. Thanks!

The bigger emphasis is the repeat hits in contact sports and shock blasts for the military but sounds like more and more people are using it for things like big wave surfing, bull riding, skiing, mountain biking and other high impact activities. Saw a bunch of them in the NFL last year and guessing we will see a lot more this year.

Know there are a bunch of armchair doctors arguing against the research but glad there is legit innovation in brain protection, especially for youth sports.

There is some talk about some performance benefits as well (including quantifiable things like less altitude sickness) but take that with a grain of salt.

I’ve worn one and takes a bit to get used to since it is compression but after a bit you forget about it. Just make sure you get the right size.

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Cool, thanks for the advice. I was already planning on getting it for old man lacrosse, and since I’ll have it, might as well give it a try for MTB.

It does seem more aimed at small repeated hits, however, I haven’t read anything saying anything negative. Just maybe not as effective for more significant hits/crashes.

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