Progression Levels now in Strava Images

Its been possible since the Strava update about 2 months ago, just hide those stats within Strava and only you can see them.

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Just done this and realised it deletes all the old graphics from past rides too :eyes:

I also don’t want to see those mixed with real outdoor mileage in the stats.

Veloviewer (a build on for strava) in their Infographic lets you separate virtual and actual miles.

Something like this; Ive done 622mile, including walking an turbo but I’ve only done 499miles on a bike outside. (you can play about to get what you want)


Yes, we’re going to do this after we do the change to make this optional.


Here’s what we’re thinking:

  1. Have an option to show an image or not
  2. If you have an image, have an option to show progression levels or not

Edit: I’ve told the company to make this a high priority on Monday.


Have you checked my fix? I think its a good solution but its strava based.

Edit: fixed the link. Thanks For liking Nate!


Your link is down. edit: That is horrible


This sounds too logical to be in a discussion thread. How dare you suggest I don’t tell people what I’m doing when I don’t want them to know what I’m doing. Clearly the graphic should just say “I did something in trainer road today” no more info than that


Option to show ftp? Especially on ramp tests, well, those where my ftp goes up… And when you skip the ramp test and let it predict what your ftp is show that jump on the next workout.

For progression levels try defaults to 1.0 for those it doesn’t know what your real level is. Why display them?

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Maybe FTP…I’ll think about that.

It would look weird if we hide things with 1.0.

Show a question mark in the graphic instead of a number

Sounds like a great solution. Suppose the ideal would be a list of things you could choose to display. FTP, heart rate, levels, etc.

I’m proud of using TR and have absolutely no problems displaying TR material in my strava feed but currently I don’t want to share progression levels sorry.

Don’t stress about it though - try to enjoy the rest of your weekend :grimacing:


I don’t mind seeing the progression levels, but I don’t race and have all my TR workouts set to Private in Strava.

Yeah, I don’t see how progression levels says much without FTP too. In fact, a savvy user could manipulate the system. For example, you could do all your VO2 work but not post those rides to Strava. Then your competitors think you haven’t been hammering, the race comes, and BOOM.

But…I don’t race, so I respect that people who race every weekend see it as a negative.

I think it’s . . . cool? Personally, I always feel deflated when I see the “distance” associated with my workouts because it doesn’t reflect how much work I put in.

From a social perspective on Strava, seeing the progression levels reflect granular performance relative to FTP, which previously to see that insight on friends’ feeds/workouts, I would have to drill into looking at laps on an individual’s workout, which feels a little too much like cyber stalking. I like to see someone getting a healthy bump at a glance and then be able to comment with an “atta’ boy/girl” knowing they probably feel good about the workout as well.

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May I suggest you have this the wrong way around. It is our personal data and we should have an option to opt in to share. Not opt out not to share. Sure your legal team knows more about it than me, but it feels wrong to me.


If you are posting things to Strava then surely “personal” data becomes somewhat of a poor argument considering you choose to display things in that social platform.

Toggling on/off is a different question but if you link Strava and TR you just be OK with some personal information going out onto the inter webs.

Now if the argument is “I only use my Strava to have outside TSS go on my TR calendar and don’t display anything to my followers” than it won’t matter anyway, b/c they never see when you train anyway.

Not a lawyer, just my two cents.


I’m not a fan of this at all. Now all the guys I race against can instantly see specifically what I’m working on. At least before they had to look at all my workouts and put the puzzle pieces together. So now I need to either delete the workout picture after every ride or go ghost on Strava.

This is what happens when @Nate_Pearson isn’t on the podcast to let us know what is coming, the thread only gets 126 comments :grinning:. I don’t mind posting my levels, but I am pleased to see the option to turn it off will come for those who need it.