Problems with Erg mod and power

Hello everybody, I have Stages left crank powermeter and Tacx Vortex Smart trainer. When I train with TrainerRoad, my power is floating around even with ERG is on (see the picture). For example, I need to hold 230 watts. My power is floating within 210-230 watts, when I shift down the cassette, it goes up to 250. It sometimes can be very annoying, when I try to hold target power during hard intervals. What can you advise?
Also, sometimes, but not everytime, my power won’t go down during cooldown, I need 80 watts, I do 120, on the smallest gear I have, 36-28, with cadence = 60. :sweat_smile:

What gear do you ride in? If you have a double up front, use the small chainring and one of the bigger cogs at the back to keep a straight chain line. Are you using power smoothing in TR settings?

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I usually use smallest gear possible with chain on smaller ring in front. 5 seconds Power smoothing is on in the settings.