Problem Venge AXS in combination with Kickr Power + Climb

Hi all,

I have a Kickr power with Climb that I want to use with my Venge AXS 2020. The Venge has a 142 mm thru axle and the Kickr v4 adapters that support that.

My problem is the following: If the Climb goes up / down, the adapter does not pivot but it is stuck in the Kickr. As a result, the adapter moves into the carbon drop-out of the Venge. This causes wear on the Carbon. If I loosen the axle it goes well but then there is play on the whole.

I have been in contact with Wahoo and was advised to lubricate the adapter. Unfortunately, this does not have the desired effect. They are now sending another one to see if that helps.

I wonder if it will succeed. The axle ensures that the rear of the bicycle is pulled together to prevent play. The friction between the carbon of the frame and metal of the adapter always seems less to me than the bond between two metals, which means that the carbon side will turn.

A gliding bearing or nylon washer could help but I’m not an engineer :wink:

Is there someone who has the same setup that is doing well? I would really like to use the climb but not if my frame is damaged as a result.