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This is 100% how I feel about any amatuer looking at any World Tour team athlete’s training. If you are in this thread to marvel and wonder at their training, great. If you are going to take what they do, and try and implement it and think that it will be some magic potion for you, I think you have lost touch with reality.

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vv Didn’t need the first two words. Imovv

In Redgraves book it talks about how he was spotted, size of his hands if I remember correctly. Coaches and selection committees have looked at genetic traits for decades to help selection in squads and development programs.

Not sure if anyone else does, but I feel it will be a disapointing day if genetic profiling becomes a predeterminated of being on a national development project/scheme, pro squad

Might be in the Redgrave book about genetic testing, there was the point ‘how do you choose who to test?’ Do you test the 50 people with big hands and select 10 - 12 to make the national rowing squad

I was going to post that when I heard it. Agree with every word, and it made even more sense after talking about his unorthodox season.

No fulltext available yet. However, as it is in similar previous studies, green is probaly everything below LT1/AeT/VT1, e.g. including coasting and descending. For example, an Andorra based pro has about 25-35% of his typical training session < 50W. Hence, green is probably inflated.


“One of the key things we worked on with Jonas this year was ‘availability.’ We wanted to make sure he was always healthy and fit,” Heijboer said on a call this week. “We were so focused on it that we even cut some races from the calendar.

“What we call ‘availability’ of a rider is them being prepared every day to train, making sure they’re not losing days because of injury or sickness. In my opinion, the biggest difference from last year is there was a lot more consistency in Jonas’ training.”


German ex-pros hosted podcast “Besenwagen” had Luca Schwarzbauer as guest recently. Two time XCE winner (even beat Pidcock), as well as XCO podiums. At 78 kg and 1,79m. Not too surprising for XCE but for XCO.

On his training: he has the same coach as Ferrand-Prévot. He clearly has made a leap since working with him. It started last year and improved further this year. For intensity he does only all-out. When training threshold he does not do 6-8 times 10min but one time 30-45min all-out. Similar for other durations.

Many roads to Tokyo 1964 …


This feels discipline specific

I haven’t heard of these guys trainining like this … all-out seems to be quite specific :slight_smile:


For context:

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Guess he has an accurate FTP. LOL

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I enjoyed the podcast es well and think the training principles of Luca are very interesting.

My notes of some workouts:

1x FTP for ~40min (or TTE of current day)

1x 20min at 105% (like a 20min FTP test)

3x 5min all out with 15min rest

5x 1min all out

30/30s all out (same as Kolie would prescribe)

after the intervalls he is doing 1-2h of endurance and calls it a day.

It looks like he always try to touch his PD curve at different durations.

There was no VLaMax talk, lactate balance point or whatsoever. He is doing some really hard intervals and the rest is endurance.

I also don’t think that these type of workouts are driven by specificity. As Luca mentioned Pauline trained the same way and she won rainbow stripes in XCC, XCO, XCM, Gravel - so everything from very short (20min) to some hours of competition within few weeks. My guess is that it is more a mental component, to push though these hard intervals which prepares them for their tough races.


I’ve seen some of PVPs workout on instagram, and she definitively used to to intervals. She posts TP screenshots now and then. Afaik her (offroad) coach is now the same as Pidcock’s.

So she changed coach when moving over to Ineos?

BTW I didn’t know that she had a partner change as well. But this is a different story :slight_smile:

Regarding coaches - I think so, yeah. But I don’t know if she has more than one coach. She sometimes tags him when the posts about a training session.

The partner change came earlier, maybe half a year before going to Ineos.

Not sure where to put this - Victor Campanaerts did a live streaming while doing a lactate test earlier today. In between he’s answering questions, found some of it pretty interesting, for example what he said about the effect of riding the TdF on his fitness. Decent explanations of the energy systems too.

(Its long, and he’s turning off the mic quite often, so do something else while listening)

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German podcast “Besenwagen”, Felix Großschartner as guest (experienced pro who moved after many years with Bora to UAE).

  • UAE has many coaches, not all subscribe to zone 2 training
  • his coach does and this is the main difference to his previous training at BORA: “Grundlage fahrst jetzt scho a bisserl schneller” (Germans/Austrians will make sense of this) → base endurance is ridden faster. He really likes this and he responds well. However, actual intensity is modulated by how he feels (!!!) and can vary by 20W from day to day. So this is not “let’s have a conversation about life” pace but not really tempo either.
  • FTP ~ 6W/kg. Real world FTP after 5h of racing

Lydiard would be proud.


I’d [quote=“The_Cog, post:1829, topic:14046, full:true”]

Lydiard would be proud.

have to dig out my copy of Run to the Top, but I believe “high aerobic” is what he termed it. Pleasure to listen to him speak shortly before his passing.

“Best aerobic pace” is what is in my head. (For 100 mi/wk, plus as much other easy running that you could handle.)


could you link the podcast please?