Pre test workout

Hi Guys ,

I’ve finished the the base phase and and am currently in a 10 day break.
When I return I will need to test prior to the build phase.
As I’ve had a lay off (holiday) I’m thinking of a workout the day before the ramp test, any suggestions on which workout to do ?

I would do something steady like Carter, West Vidette for 45mins or Pettit, Homers Nose for an hour

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Personally I’d do some openers, one of the Trulli variations. If you can fit it in an easier ride as well before that it might be better if you’ve had time off the bike but I think openers are important for performance, especially a maximal effort.


You can consider one of the pre-race day primers.


Like previously stated, an opener like Truuli would be my recommendation as well. Did that one last Sunday before my FTP test on Monday and I really felt the difference in being ready for the test.

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