Power meter options for SRAM SX Eagle Crankset?

I am looking at purchasing a Specialized Chisel as a bit of fun to ride when I don’t fancy the road bike but still want to complete a TR workout.

I am not clued up on the technical side of things really. My road bike has Assiomas and work great. I am trying to avoid the Garmin rallys for now as hope there is a simpler crank based option that doesn’t cost half the cost of the bike.

But is there a single sided power meter that would be compatible with the chisel?

I don’t race just ride to enjoy it but do like to see my power and it feed into TR.

Assuming it mounts the same as NX, which it looks like it does off of one Google search, then I’d suggest a Sigeyi.

You need to confirm the SX mounting etc. Don’t take it from me that they’re exactly the same as I have no firsthand experience.

It’s not a terrible idea to upgrade to an NX (or secondhand GX) crankset if you can find one cheap enough. It’s something you’d easily take between bikes in the future.

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The Power2Max NGEco is very solid and reasonably priced. Mounts to your chainring very easily. I have one on my SRAM GX equipped mountain bike. If you contact them and tell them your setup, they will tell you which model will fit.

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Thankyou both :+1:

I have the Sigey AXO powermeter on my NX cranks as well and I‘m very happy with it. I have been riding it for 2 years now.

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I can also confirm that the Power2 Max NGeco is a good setup. Im running it with Raceface cranks and have had no issues. i got it through Powermeter city and they were good to work with and very helpful to make sure I got the right thing the first time