Power meter for M8120

Hi all

Finding it impossible to get a left crank PM for an M8120 crankset, hoping it will be ok to just use an M8000 left crank? Assuming it will be fine (is on road cranks), however just wanted to check I’d not get weird chainline or q-factor problems?


Stages Gen 3 for XT 8100 is what you’re looking for. The crank arms between 8100, 8120 & 8130 are the same. The difference is spindle length. I’m running one on the 8120 on my Orbea Oiz.

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If only I could find one in stock!

Is this what you’re after?

What size are you looking for? Stages US site has 170 & 180mm in stock.

Sorry should have mentioned, on 175mm and live in Australia haha

I’m using my old Stages XTR M9000-crank on the Shimano M8100-crankset. The M8100 has the advantage of using the old Hollowgram II-cranks so it’s easy breezy fitting a left side PM.

Hi Kris, I just bought a power meter Left and right (Stages M8120 LR XT) but in the box there where 2 big spacers and when I contact someone from the online shop he says to add these on the spindle.

My Trek Procaliber 9.6(2020) has a BB92, and when I’m putting the powermeter on without spacers It’s not good(space), but when I add them It’s like I use to many spacers…


Ok, sounds like some fine tuning of spacers will be required. Do you have the spacers from the original crank set? You can use those instead of or along with one of the larger ones. Maybe try one of the large spacers on the drive side & a smaller one on the non drive side, that will help? As long as you can get a combination that allows you to set preload property, you’ll be good to go. Just make sure your chainring clears the chainstay & you’ll be fine. Good luck!