Power Match Questions

First year using TR, always used Zwift prior and used my trainer power. When I switched to TR I used power match to my Quarq. The Quarq was on a bike that I have never really checked the PM accuracy compared to my trainer or my primary race bike (mistake 1). Right out of the gate the initial ramp in November felt harder and my FTP was 10% lower than in October measured with my race bike. I figured maybe a week off and adjusting to inside training was the cause and went with it (mistake 2). A couple times outdoors on my race bike and pushing workouts outside felt easier, but I tend to struggle inside so assumed it was that (mistake 3). Completed my 1st block 90% of workouts on the trainer power matching my Quarq and my FTP was higher, but only a 3% increase. It was at this point I got the idea to check my Quarq on my trainer bike vs my race bike vs the trainer itself (probably should have done this in November).

Turns out the Quarq was consistently 7.5-8% low vs the trainer. My race bike was almost spot on the trainer power. Fortunately Sram has an app that allows you to modify the slope, so using that app I was able to match the Quarq to the trainer and my race bike. Not wanting to simply bump my FTP 7-8% I decided to ramp test using just trainer power and the Quarq only for cadence (if they are now the same why add a variable). Surprisingly it didn’t feel much easier and I only increased 1.7%. Admittedly I was a bit more tired since I just tested Tuesday and Thursdays workout was a bit difficult, but I still expected it to feel much easier.

So my question is that is it possible that Trainer road somehow keeps like a memory of the trainer vs the power meter so even without using the power meter for power it still adjusted the trainer power to match my the Quarq power from all of the prior workouts?

What you are asking for is essentially an offset or adjustment factor. Nothingike that exists now, but it has been requested more than once.

When I get more time, I will find the related topic and merge this to the existing one.

To clarify I don’t want any adjustment factor, I am just wondering if the power match has some type of a memory that is applied even when not using the power meter you have been power matching. From your response I am going to say the answer is no, power match simply uses the power meter power, then TR adjustable the trainer accordingly to keep that power on target. Me not using the power meter should have just been trainer power which should have been 7-8% higher than previous. But it wasn’t which means I was tired.

Ok, there is no memory. PM is dynamic and constantly looking at the difference between the trainer and power meter the full workout, but does not store or use the value after the workout is done.


Thanks! Maybe on fresh legs I will see more of a difference. For now I keep having to ignore adaptations it keeps trying to make because my FTP “increased”, in reality it didn’t the power is just now correct.

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