Power Cranks - Just curious, anyone use them for trainerroad workouts?

The infamous powercranks from slowtwitch

I haven’t had my powercranks on a bike in a few years, but back in the winter of 2005/2006 I was doing a lot of riding on my fluid trainer with my powercranks. The one thing I remember clearly was that it was hard for me to do any kind of intervals. Changing cadence and speed/power were really tough.

Then again, it always like that with powercranks for me. I had them on my Softride, and I was training exclusively for triathlons. Lots and lots of steady-state work but not much else.

Single-leg drills were really easy though :slight_smile:


I used power cranks for winter training for 4 or 5 years on a regular KK trainer. I stopped using them 4 years ago when I got e-motion rollers. It was hard to get above 85 rpm and sudden changes in power were difficult. You could use them for SS intervals but not sprints.

That would be brutal. Those are wicked hard to ride…

I’ve ridden PC’s a fair amount…was never able to do any kind of high intensity interval with them. Always had a much lower cadence than my normal cadence with them.

YEARS ago, I did a circuit race with a decent hill in it and some guy was racing with them…I was pretty impressed. Finished in the bunch. Was kinda weird watching him descend the hill every time because both legs would be down while he coasted. :rofl: