Power comparison - Neo v Stages, normal?

Hi all,
Wondering if anybody can provide any input on my Stages-L only v Tacx Neo comparison?
It looks like the Stages reads quite a bit higher than the Neo, wondering if this is normal.

An overview of the entire workout:

Zoomed view of rest & 7-min interval:

Zoomed 2 minute view of interval:

You might have a slightly weaker right leg which the Neo is also measuring.

That said - assuming you are also using the Stages outside - for consistency it’s probably best to go with that indoors and out (use powermatch indoors).

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I did a few checks between the two a couple of months ago and eventually got them pretty close after fixing some broken parts of the Neo. Other things that helped:

  • Check the critical power graphs for both after the ride, it’s probably a smoother way of measuring it.
  • Make sure you have a sparkling clean drivetrain and the Neo insides are cleaned out also.
  • Try some tests pedalling with left leg only.
  • Borrow a friend’s PM

Would usually expect 2%, with Stages being higher. You’re not so far off.


Look at the topic I started:

My Tacx Vortex reads 50 watts high! I’d consider yourself lucky that they are so close. In general, I’d just use your Stages both inside and out if you can so that you have consistency.

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Looks very similar to how my Neo compares to my Vector 3s. In general the Vectors tend to read 6-10w higher
I use the Neo for training and I just have to accept that my outdoor rides will report slightly higher watts.

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I had a Vortex too before the Neo - and it also read about 10-20% higher (closer to 20% I think)

Here is some leg disparity data from two Watt Bike rides from last year:

Sweet spot session (L51%, R49%):

UOs (L53%, R47%):

Looks like the way to go is PowerMatch then, which is what I was doing. I moved away from it eventually as it was difficult hitting short intervals, and response time of the trainer was slow. It’s a lot better using the Neo as power source.

Drivetrain is filthy right now on the bike - I think the chain needed replacing months ago, it is quite stretched. I guess this would mean watts are being lost, and therefore the Neo would read slightly lower?