Post Your Strength Training Routines

Also for any relatively new lifters I recommend this new book

Along with a couple - StrongFirst and Mark Wildman - YouTube channels.


I cannot be certain, let’s just say I’m near certain.

Based on the latest strength and hypertrophy science, the routines many are posting here are excessive.

The correct advice depends on many factors. Age, training history, diet, sleep, work etc. It also depends on your goals. Is it health, aesthetics etc.

I’ll assume it’s to be a faster cyclist.

An example human
5 years cycling
No real strength background

Maximum strength sessions per week, per body part - 2 sessions
Anymore and it’s almost pointless
If you are doing this leg strength work while training cycling all week - 1 session

Keep it simple

In season, one full body session per week is ample.
If your goal really is strength above anything else. 2 leg sessions per week. However, your legs will be trash and you’ll absolutely need to reduce riding intensity. If they aren’t trash. You are not lifting heavy enough or doing enough volume (sets and exercises).

Basically, off season 2 sessions per week to make gains for 1 to 3 months.
In cycling season reduce to one session per week to keep gains.
No session on any week with a priority race.

If you don’t keep doing the strength training, you lose the gains.

There’s some science demonstrating that provided a strength session is of high enough quality, you can do this as infrequently as once every 10 days and maintain your strength. It seems strength is much easier to maintain than fitness.

Interestingly, that’s not something the average personal trainer bro mentions to their clients :joy:


Last year during offseason I tried 3 full body workouts per week Mon, Wed, Fri. While I made a lot of progress I was under recovering when the weights got heavy enough.

This year I’m trying every 4th day, for example Mon, Thu, Sun and it’s a lot better. Might not work for everyone because it’s not 7 day blocks and the gym days change every week. Done 3.5 weeks now and just starting a recovery week which I really need.

Dropped my cycling volume from 15 hours to 10-11 hours for the offseason.
1-2 hard workouts per week, not trying to progress just maintain.

That’s interesting. I’m sure my plan is one of the ones you labeled as excessive haha.

That said…this is a 2 week long block, I’m in the early part of my off season and really not riding at all right now. An easy 45 minute recovery spin here or there if I feel like it.

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I started 5x5 up again about a month ago. I have to say the squat portion (for me at least) has to be altered. I’ve been out of compound lift “shape” but I’m only at 135 and my legs aren’t feeling awesome. Before cycling I was warming up with that. That’s fine as it’s not my main goal anymore but I do think it’s easy to do too much there. I’m goi g to cut it dow. To 3x5 for squats or maybe do them once a week instead. It’s a tough balance. It’s the off season but I still like to get 6-8 hours in and I find even that is tough to balance with strength (particularly legs)


5 mins rowing machine

CORE and Stretching - 10-15mins

Planks 3 * 1’30
Russian Twists
Leg raises a few other mat exercises


Barbell Squat 2 * 20
Shoulder Press 3 * 8
Leg Press 2 * 20
Dumbell Row 3 * 8
Bench Press 3 * 8

Week 6 back at the gym and pretty consistent with 2 visits a week. The second day is similar to the above but may drop or replace the leg work with an easier exercise depending on what’s coming up on the bike.

Think I have resigned myself to just riding Z2 until the year end rather than stress about trying to fit hard workouts around the gym. Currently reading Phil Maffetones books so going down the health first approach :smiley:, or I may just be going soft!


Looks quite complete for a 2day a week. When the planks get too easy I’d switch to dragon flags (you can start by just cheating your way up, and just working on the negative on your way down). Requires a lot of will, but the results are outstanding.

For the squats I would take them in str once every 2 weeks (3 rep max, 3-5min break imbetween), I find slopes feel ‘‘lighter’’ when max str is increased, and also you’re then able to do the volume part with higher weights.

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Hey here is a very dumb question.

How long does it take to get stronger when lifting weights? I did 3 weeks easy lifting…and now I’m a week and a half in to a hard 2 week block…and I’ve gone from 6 sets of squatting 135 to 6 sets of 185. I dont know if I’ve actually gotten any stronger…or I’ve just gotten more comfortable with weight on my back.

I guess also maybe it’s like cycling…noob gains? But is progress really measured in days/weeks, not months?

Just got the home gym set up and ready to add some strength training this year to my off-season base. I’m going to do a GZCLP program that’s slightly modified. The original is a 4 day per week program, so I basically just expanded it to 2 weeks so it’s 2 workouts per week. But I’m still hitting all the major lifts every week.

Squat 5x3
Bench 3x10
Pull-ups 3x10
Acc1 3x10-12
Acc2 3x10-12

Deadlift 5x3
Shoulder Press 3x10
Bent over row 3x10
Acc1 3x10-12
Acc2 3x10-12

Bench 5x3
Squat 3x10
Pull-ups 3x10
Acc1 3x10-12
Acc2 3x10-12

Shoulder Press 5x3
Deadlift 3x10
Bent over row 3x10
Acc1 3x10-12
Acc2 3x10-12

So you basically just flip the main lift of the day. The Acc1 and Acc2 are accessory lifts, which I’ll rotate. Stuff like lunges, good mornings, split squats, front squats. Whatever I feel like doing.

How does this look?


I like it, all the basic compound movements hitting all the body parts. I’d do that routine, but I’d end up adding more sets because I like a very good warmup before getting to my heavier lifts. My recent leg day I had about 7 sets each for RDL’s and Back Squats with reps from 12-3.

Oh yea, those are the working sets and doesn’t include my warmup. For the two main lifts at least. The accessory lifts probably don’t need warmup sets.

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Looked at this last night, but it wasn’t clear if it gave you routines to follow or just broke the exercises down into what they do and how to do them. Does it have a program you can follow?

In the beginning you‘ll make awesomly quick progress, that is largely neuro-muscular. Basically your brain just gets better at recruiting & coordinating your muscle fibres for the task at hand.

It will level off soon enough.

My advice would be to follow the principles of Jim Wendler and progress slowly & steadily, with largely submaximal training. Focus on form and bar speed.

If he’d want a 5-3-1, I’d divide it differently, and would need a 3 or 4 pref day. There’s a nice website to setup jim wendler’s style.

I use ‘‘boring but big’’, and ‘‘less boring’’. you can then choose several other parameters, click generate in the bottom. then it gives you 3-week cycle + a deload week if you need it (i.e. don’t use the 4th week unless you’re almost overworked).

By dividing in 4 days, you can give proper rest to all the muscle groups, and focus. The basics is: once per week in str: shoulder press, bench, squat, deadlift. It’s better to have just 1 str exercise for any given day, and then the volume after.

I’ve read Jim’s book, if you do you’ll understand more how to approach said workout style.

You would either have, for example:
day 1: shoulder str, chest volume (or shoulder volume), and opposite movement of str exercise as last: chin ups/pull ups (since shoulder press was your str).

day 2: squat str, deadlift volume (or squat volume), hamstrings

  • at least 1 day break, never more than 2 days in a row with str)

day 3: chest str, shoulder volume, rower/back as last

Etc. day 4 obviously deadl. str, squat volume (or deadlift volume).

That way they are spaced out during the week, i like to switch the volumes (less boring option on that website) so it’s even more spaced out.

day 1 (in brackets following weeks) (the + means as many as you can 5 or over)
shoulder press 5x40% , 5x50%, 3x65%, 5x72.5%, 5+x85% + joker set if you managed well over 5.
(week 2 and 3 = same, … 3x75%, 3+x90% +joker if well over 3
For downset there are several options, I like to take an AMRAP with 2/3 of whatever weight i reached for the max lift.

this will take at least half hour done properly, resting 3min between sets. first sets are just to warmup for the heavy sets.

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This sounds like a very similar approach to what I’m doing. 1 main strength lift (of the big 4), and one for volume. Except you’re pairing the lower body on one day and upper on another.

I’m wondering if that would be a good idea if I’m going to do one interval session per week during base. Hit the legs hard on one day and give them time to recover before the hard interval day. Z2 on all the other days.

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its a reference on how to perform the movements, what they target, and recommendations on technique including whether its better to go lighter or heavier on KB weight. And then variations.

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Wasn‘t necessarily promoting his program, but just think his core principles are truly solid.

I‘ve been running a 2day/week full body 5-3-1 variation for close to a year now in combination with my cycling and have made good gains in the weightroom.
I vary the exact program and volume depending on the time of the year, with much reduced volume and intensity for my lower body inseason. Still do the 4 main lifts once a week though.


This is what I’ve done in the past too. I have also read his book and I believe it’s a tried and true way for strength. The one thing I do add is single leg stuff but mostly as warm up or in between sets. Just to help avoid injuries (Ive had some si discomfort)

Right now I’m doing 5x5 but might switch to 5/3/1 when my lifts get back
Up there because I do find even In off season it can be tough to keep the volume up of riding a decent amount

On a cheeseboard? Have to keep them separated

Yea getting enough rest is the hardest part, at least for me. Sold my car years ago, I only use bike. It’s really hard to hold yourself from engaging into sudden sprints (like if a scooter passes you :joy:) while ‘‘resting’’.