Post B race training advice

I have just completed my B race (290 TSS, 100 miles) on Sunday. It came at the end of week 6 of HV sustained PB. I replaced the Saturday SST workout for a rest day (the day before) and also had a rest day today (Monday, the day after).

I am meant to be starting week 7 (final tough week) of HV SPB with Mondadnock +5 tomorrow and a bit apprehensive off the back of the B race.

My questions:

  • did I go about the B race in the right way by ensuring just 1 day off before and after?
  • is there any other advice on how to progress this final week or should I just give it a go tomorrow!

I have never incorporated B races before to training and have another later this season so keen to get opinions.


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In my opinion, these are very rider dependent questions.

For me, a B race or event has meaning. I’m probably using it to gauge my training, leading up to my A event. Therefore, I’ll taper as I would for the A event.

Did you feel sharp? Were your legs able to produce similar efforts to those you’ve seen during training? How did you feel at the midway point and the finish? Did your fuelling plan work for you?

With regards to the upcoming workout, unless you’re on AT Beta and you’re worried about failing a workout, I’d give it a shot. Great opportunity to see how quickly your body sheds fatigue :+1:

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Thanks that helps.

I used it to get A event mileage in as the primary goal, whilst continuing to build fitness. Certainly did not feel 100% but didn’t expect to with only 1 day gap. My A event will have a week taper.

My concern was have I potentially sacrificed my final week of susPB - it feels like I either need to just try it tomorrow or maybe do an easy day and start my final week on Wed. Not helped by the fact the V02 sessions are my weak spot so Monadnock +5 is not ideal.