Possibility to enable a non-TR coach to view your calendar and workouts?

Hi, I am working with a Coach locally and he gives his time for free, but it would be superb if there wad a way that he could view/edit my calendar and my competed workouts.
Perhaps if it cost me an extra couple of dollars to enable this feature I’d be interested.
I know other platforms, (i.e. TrainingPeaks), has this functionality, however it not only costs the athlete, but the coach. :confused:
Would love to find a way to streamline the experience with my coach to make it easier for him to help me. :wink:.

This is not a planned feature at the moment.

The best way to grant a coach access is by giving them the login credentials to your account. Keep in mind that you should choose a password that does not match the password to any of your other accounts, and this should only be done if you trust the coach you are granting access.

Sorry we don’t have a better solution at the moment :pensive:.

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Link up your account to intervals.icu through Strava and then have him view your stuff there. You can link your TR calendar there as well through iCal and it pulls everything over. Intervals.icu has a coaches and followers section. Should be able to do everything you want.


FYI, if your information is public, they can just access it:
You can add to that /calendar, /rides, etc.

User experience isn’t 100%: they can’t edit the calendar, can’t click on items in the calendar to view them, but the base information is available.

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