πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Polarized Training Plans Are Here! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

I’m not sure how TR would answer, but in the description the 6-week plan is called β€œbase” and the 8-week plan is called β€œbuild”. I’m guessing you could just keep cycling (pun intended!) between them right up to your event. You might want to modify the last couple weeks to give more of a taper.

I have also seen someone recommend doing them as base/build and then picking the specialty that fits your event.

Well don’t I look the fool. For however many times I’ve looked at the plan, the β€œbase” and β€œbuild” parts of the blurb never stood out to me!

I think the 8 week would be more akin to what I want to achieve so I’ll likely stick to that for a while, or just flip flop between them depending on results.



Cool plans and workouts. I wish I had more time right now to train but I’ve been workng a lot now

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To follow up on this: I’ve done both the base and build POL plans and am about to take a ramp test next week before diving back into base. I’ve used plan builder and then manually changed sweet spot to polarized.

AT has worked on the POL plans but man it’s incredibly difficult. I’m thinking it’s all going to crash and burn after I update my FTP.

Just did 4x16 at 110% of threshold so I know my threshold is way off. I’ll follow up with how it adapts after an FTP increase.


OK, here’s my thoughts on the Polarised Plans. They just happened to come along before I finished my last Plan Builder assigned progression. I was starting to get a little jaded with that if truth be told, after all I’d been doing some variation of Low Volume Sweet Spot Base and various Build plans since October 2019 (all hail the Covid lockdowns!) so something new would be of help.

I went with the Mid Volume plans, six week then eight week. The reason for β€œstepping up” from LV wasn’t so much that I was fitter (I was) but that my LV plans invariably included longer weekend rides so I was really swapping LV + unstructured/un-associated rides with an endurance ride associated with a workout.

I set all workouts to be outdoors. I began the plans in the first week of April just as the weather here in the UK was becoming drier if not warmer - we’ve had one of the coldest springs in recent years. This raised its own problems in that I live in a hilly area, even the β€œflat” roads are anything but, β€œrolling” would be a better description. Not a problem with the endurance workouts but a bit of Strava detective work, i.e. looking at my times on various potential hills and I reckoned I could map workouts onto some of those. It’s surprising just how far you can go, even uphill, in sixteen minutes! Also the hills aren’t a steady grade, the one I chose for threshold intervals had 150m @ 20%, 200m @ 10%, 100m @25%, 800m @ 5%, etc. Pacing is a nightmare!

I haven’t done an FTP test in a while - I don’t seem to get on with the Ramp Test - but I have a good idea of how various workouts should feel and, yes, let’s be honest, I’d probably stagnated. The eFTP from intervals.icu was 5W lower than that obtained via one of the few good Ramp Tests I’ve done: 267W vs 272W. (When I started on TR back in Oct 2019, my FTP was 244W) Because of this I’ll use eFTP as a proxy since there were updates during the plans and it’s the one figure I have to compare over the period plus it’s always been within 5W of the TR figure.

One last point: I signed up for AT shortly after the announcement but only got added to the Closed Beta when I was one week into the eight week build plan. Since I’d added the plans manually rather than doing the use Plan Builder then swap out the plans method I decided to keep on with the Polarised Plan and ignore AT for the duration. I knew I wouldn’t get any adaptations but I wasn’t looking at going along that road at this time.

I found the endurance workouts very easy, in fact the hardest part was keeping the power down, this was in part due to the aforementioned rolling roads - keeping to 70% of FTP is rather tricky when you are faced with a 16% grade! Most of the time I just went for a ride and didn’t bother about the duration so a 2hr workout often ended up as a four hour ride. I often did these on my mountain bike which doesn’t have a power meter so I went by HR instead - I’ve a good idea of what pace/HR to do for 70% and Strava’s estimated power isn’t far off.

The threshold and VO2max workouts meant hill work. The first threshold workout, San Pedro, called for eight minute efforts - easy enough. My PB on the segment I used for the 16min threshold was 13;30 so slightly short of the duration required but pacing and using the next bit of road meant I was never much more than a minute short. The plan called for two repeats, then three the next week and four the week after that. After the last of these Intervals.icu bumped my eFTP to 272W, i.e. the same as from the Ramp Test. Here’s my notes from that workout (Bartlett Peak):

Pretty consistent with times and power on each lap/climb. A slight decline over the first three then a bigger drop to the fourth one. I think a fifth would have been really hard work so just right for where I’m at. The power levels were actually: 105%, 106%, 105%, 103%, so pushing into the bottom of VO2max territory - this is born out in intervals.icu which shows 24mins in that zone, so probably the intervals were really a set of over-unders. Looking at the power trace, they do look very over-under in nature, albeit with the overs at 117% and the unders at 90%, obviously dictated by the gradients and ramps of the climb.

VO2max is one of my weak points on the trainer - I possibly move the bike a lot and the fixed nature of the trainer means I can’t do that. Outside I’m a bit freer. My chosen hill for these varied between flat and maybe 5% but long enough that I could choose β€œflat then climb” or β€œclimb then flat”. Again these worked well and I hit or exceeded the power targets repeatedly and consistently though 12 efforts over the same bit of road do tire somewhat!

I didn’t see any further improvements during the Base phase and the start of the Build phase was delayed slightly by a four day bikepacking trip in the south of England.


There’s a few common workouts in Base and Build and one of these, Mount Grant, saw my next increase in eFTP to 276W. The week after this saw a significant rise in eFTP to 291W. Here’s my ride notes:

β€œGot an email from intervals.icu that my eFTP had risen to 291W because of this ride! It could well be right, my average power for the four climbs was 316W, 294W, 294W & 302W. The middle two definitely felt repeatable, with an FTP of 272W they would be at 108% whereas with a 291W they are at 101% - much more likely. Also I shouldn’t be able to ride for 15mins at 116% as with the first interval, again with a 291W FTP that drops to 108%.”

There haven’t been any further improvements. The two plans though designated Base and Build are pretty much of a muchness so there’s not a lot to say about Build that hasn’t already been said about Base.

Overall the plans fitted in with work and the weather surprisingly well. I felt that targeting just two hard workouts a week was much easier than the three called for in the Sweet Spot LV plans and I could really focus on them.

One thing I have noticed: I suffer from cramps quite a lot but following the Polarised Plans I’ve been getting much fewer attacks. Not sure if it’s entirely related or just coincidence.

I’ve not manually bumped my FTP within TR but workouts on my latest plan do feel β€œeasy” - I could have done another couple of sets of Ritter with no problem and Tunnabora’s Sweet Spot could have been twice as long without worrying me.

In conclusion. Do they work? A qualified yes from me. It’s a bit hard to tell if the improvements were because of the plans themselves or just that I needed a change. Certainly for summer they make a lot of sense with only short sessions of hard work with the rest of the time really being β€œjust riding”.


Did you increase the amount of hours you ride or/and your TSS per week when using the polarised plans compared with the year before?

Daily TSS was about 9 higher from the year before. However this year I’ve done three big weekend bikepacking trips which bump things up quite a bit so without those I’d reckon TSS would have been quite similar.

Hours/km ridden is very variable but given that the equivalent period last year the UK was in full lockdown so most of my outdoor rides were very local - I didn’t go more than 10km from the house for nearly two months - they are two awkward years to compare. Also I broke my collarbone in Jan 2020 and only got the all clear ten days before lockdown started so there was a low rolling base there.

Typically I’ve been riding 10,000km a year, in 2020 I rode 4,000km, this year I’m just short of that and will probably end up doing around 7,000km.

going to try out these plans and see what happens. just added them via plan builder for the next 14 weeks.

Just did my ramp test yesterday.

8 week mid volume polarized plan (missed 2 workouts total)
FTP from 201 to 241
Weight from 171 to 166 (wasn’t actively trying to lose weight)

AT dropped all my levels to 1 after my new FTP and adjusted a ton of workouts (almost every single one for the next block). Back into base then build again but this time at high volume.

Polarized is interesting to me- on SS I struggled to hit 500 tss and not feel absolutely terrible. With polarized I feel great in the 400-600 range. Not sure why.


When AT adapted your workouts did you find they have gone from a polarized to a more pyramidal or SS format instead of staying polarized?

Nope they’ve stayed polarized.

The threshold rises adapted to more difficult threshold rides (usually just longer intervals). The v02 adapted more aggressively to more difficult v02. It never swapped out a threshold or v02 to sweet spot.

The only time I really touched sweet spot was on the few outdoor versions of the workouts I did.

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That’s good to hear thanks :+1:

Started polarized hv this week via plan builder (6 week one and then 8 week one) and the at beta. So far so good. Had to move intensity down slightly on the 4x8 but got through it.

Really like the plan and my endurance and vo2 are good and always looking to raise those but sweet spot needs some work.


I’ve just started a new plan builder and changed block 1 to polarized which I wanted to have a nice 8 week polarized plan in the calendar. However I have an B and A event at the end of Sept and mid Oct.

What plan builder seems to have done is added three polarized weeks and the rest rolling road race??

Is this expected?? I expected the 8 week polarized to be inserted for 8 weeks??

If the pic above is associated with the A event, that seems to follow their typical approach. That is because it is aiming to hit you with a Specialty that includes the taper into the A event.

It’s possible to tweak these results when in the Plan Builder setup, but choosing different β€œExperience” level. Lower Experience will emphasize Base and Build, and higher Experience will emphasize Build and Specialty. It’s always worth testing the results of all 4 Experience options to see the potential plan suggested. I usually see 2-3 different scenarios even when using all the 4 options, so there is some overlap in the middle.

Thanks Chad, for now I’ve removed my A and B events which gives me something a bit more like what I want to achieve!

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Looking to use the β€˜hack’ to add base and build POL plan - is there an update on how AT and PLs are currently working with POL plans that have been added in this way?

The POL plans aren’t officially supported in AT yet, so the suggested adaptations may not always stick with the POL ideals. Some users have reported generally good experience, but some mention notable changes in the direction of the suggested adaptions. So, it’s a bit of an unknown really.

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I have been looking at using the high volume polarized plans and bumping up the z2 duration so it’s around 12 hours per week.

But as these plans are really simple (in a good way) with one threshold workout and one vo2 workout a week plus a load of endurance rides, I figure it’s way more flexible to just use TraininNow, picking one β€œclimbing” and one β€œattacking” workout per week and then just going out riding steady on the other days while keeping an eye on TSS/CTL trends and taking rest weeks.

Is this a worse idea? Someone talk me out of it. :slight_smile:

I had thought about doing that too! The only downside I can think of is that there will not be a periodization/specialization to training. You would have to build into your own rest and recovery, and if you are training for a specific event you will have to choose workouts tailored to your event.