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Question regarding lowering the ramp rate of the polarised plans (could also be applied to any training plan). Has TR considered providing a way for experienced athletes to individualise their ramp rates? So that it allows athletes to adjust the ramp rate of a given plan up or down at the start of the training block.

Previously, I’ve wondered if the ramp rates were a bit too low for certain blocks relative to the level of fitness and perceived effort. Appreciate that I could manually adjust each workout using alternates, but not the most practical or beautiful way to handle this.

Just curious if this has ever been considered or if others would find this helpful.


If you’re using Adaptive Training this’ll happen automatically, no? At least to some extent.

Theoretically, yes, but I’ve not seen a ton of evidence of this yet. I’ve been using Adaptive Training since it became available. I do not know if AT is working within any boundaries or statistical conventions when it comes to ramp rate.

I was just working on the basis that if your workout questionnaire responses are saying “Bring it” to the AI then you’ll get more difficult workouts served up and a correspondingly faster ramp rate.


You can always override AT, but in my experience most of the time AT is better at judging what is good for me than I am.

The ramp rates are not some fixed number, they get recalculated based on your prior workouts. So this isn’t a number you can simply plug in and keep fixed.

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Going to swap out my Low Volume SSB and Build plans for Hi Vol Polorized. I tried these plans back in 2021 and I don’t think I realised at the time just how useful there were. I’m hoping this adds a bit more training stimulus and as TR support advised then, “what got you here won’t get you there.” I’m also needing a break from a winter of VO2 and anaerobic. Looking forward to seeing how the plans differ and AT interacts.

Just one question for TR or community. Should you not be able to fit in the odd long endurance ride due to time constraints, what would be the recommended alternate (if any at all) or reduce to a shorter endurance ride?


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There is a number of things you can do:

  • You could do a shorter endurance ride at higher intensity. If I have time I like to do my endurance rides outdoors at 0.60–0.65 IF. However, life is what it is and I often don’t have the time.
  • Focus on consistency. So if you hate indoor endurance workouts and you prefer (easy) sweet spot workouts, do those instead. The most important variable is consistency, then a distant second is workout selection (i. e. whether you are doing an endurance or sweet spot workout).
  • Tack on short endurance rides after workouts. Even 15–30 minutes will make a difference over time, once you start doing this consistently.

I just ran into an concern with Plan Builder related to this. Note that I’m a recreational rider, focused on endurance rides, not a racer. I have a couple of events loaded that are essentially gran fondos (50-100 miles each).

I created a plan and and switched the Base and Build sections to the Polarized versions. So far, so good. But, Plan Builder looked at the events and added Specialty phases that are lots of intervals, which is counter to the prior Polarized phases. I can’t take all that intensity.

My current option is to just keep doing individual Polarized plans. I’m ok with that, but wondering if there’s anything else I should consider. Thoughts?

The Specialty phase cannot be polarized, because it is meant to prepare you for whatever event type you picked when you created the plan.

If you have trouble with the intensity, drop the volume to low volume and add endurance rides as you see fit. But these workouts should be doable, especially once you let Adaptive Training do its thing.


I’ve been using these for several months now and they’ve definitely improved since the initial plans. I kept finding myself exhausted and lacking motivation over time with the SS plans. These POL plans, with 2 “hard” rides a week, work a lot better for me as a masters athlete.

I’m still looking forward to the plans where I can feed AT my daily hours of availability, but until then, this has been a nice step in the right direction for me.


I was excited to hear @Jonathan mention on this week’s podcast that Half and Full distance tri plans are getting some revisions/updates—wondering if polarized versions of these plans are on TR’s roadmap?


@Jonathan , I have a triathlon plan via plan builder that I bult. How can I swap in a polarized plan into one of the phases of that plan? I realize I would lose the swim/run portions when doing that, but can’t see a way to do it via the suggestion above of clicking in the calendar header in the top left.


Use the “How to Change an Individual Training Block’s Volume” section of the link below


Yep, tried that before posting the question. Can’t change out of a tri plan, actually can’t change out of a half or full plan (like to an OLY or sprint). Looks like it’s locked into those two plans and their available volume levels.

May be best if you email support@trainerroad.com for a direct review and reply then.

Really good changes and I’ll be doing a polarised plan next.

One thing that would be helpful is to be able to select maximum length workouts for the high intensity week sessions - reason being that while I can manage 1.5 hour endurance in the evenings, high intensity in the evenings completely ruins sleep. I’m sure I’m not along in this regard.

Setting max time limits is a long running feature request:


no you’re not, me too.

I’d rather train early morning, but life hasn’t been fully in agreement with that. I’m glad I can do them at least.


I’ve started on the Polarized Base MV, and will complete three weeks tomorrow.

I must say that I find Pol base a little easier to handle relative to the SSB MV that I have done several times in the past.

The DQ : when I finish this six week Polarized Base Block do I have repeat it once again to get 12 weeks as I would have if I were doing say SSB or Trad Base ?

EDIT :Fixed it for a new plan which I made using Plan Builder


Just about to finish up 3rd week of Pol Build MV. Since this is a 8 week cycle should I just continue increasing Progressions or Force a AI FTP at end of week 4.


I will be at Threshold 4.1 after this week.

Also when does Adaptive calibrate week 5 compared to current Progression.