Plyometrics training

Anyone have a recommendation for good Plyometrics routine to follow on a video. Considering adding a 15 min routine of this, a couple times a week, since off season for Cx. Thinking adding this may help with jumping Cx barriers which is a big weakness of mine.

I don’t really follow any videos or anything but for only 15min I think you can do something along these lines and remember it pretty easily without needing a video. Make sure you are warmed up with some skipping, high knees, etc. before doing any of this. I imagine with resting and the warmup this would take ~15 minutes.

Full force jumps:
10x normal squat stance
10x wide squat stance
10x narrow squat stance
10x staggered like bike pedals alternating feet stance

Box jumps:
10x front
10x left side
10x right side
10x left side rotate 90 degrees in air
10x right side rotate 90 degrees in air

Try Insanity

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