Plateau or just normal?

Hey people that know more about training than me. I have started on a low volume TT plan with TR almost 12 months ago. I last trained around 15 years ago and got very close to a 40kph av over a 24k TT, and have this idea I’d like to have another crack to see if I can get over 40. I’m a 50 yo male.

Anyway, when I started on TR my first ramp showed around 170 and I have been hovering around 230 for the last four or five months and six weeks blocks give maybe a few watts gain but nothing much. I get that it’s normal to have a big jump at the beginning but I seem to have plateaued big time.

I’m doing all my sessions in the aero position now as I found it dropped 10-15W when I first started, so might as well get used to being in that position.

Anyway, I found an online power estimator at An interactive model-based calculator of cycling power vs. speed which gives an idea of what power output I’ll need to hit my goal and I’ll need about another 100W or so. I know it takes years to increase, but is such small increments of around 4W over six weeks normal or do I need to try something different? Maybe more volume for example. Feels like I’m also fighting age.

Has anyone else around this age got any suggestions?

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I’d say 2-3% gains per block is what to be expected. I was still gaining in low volume but when switching to mid volume I did see a nice boost in fitness. Not perse in FTP but in TTE and increased recovery between intervals for sure.

If you’re nit ready to go full into mid volume, stick to low volume but try to at least add a longer endurance ride. That worked well for me.

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I had a long plateau and than i added some strength training in my schedule and saw a bump ! At your age ( probably any age :wink: ) it is good to do some strength training

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What’s your current training frequency?

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thanks for the suggestions @Thomas_De_Kesel and @PhydomiR

@Thomas_De_Kesel I"m keen to know more. How often do/did you do weights? All body or just lower?

@Crownan I train 3x per week consisting of 2x1hr sessions on Tue and Thur and a 90 min sesh on Sat.

I realised too I didn’t give my weight. I’m 188cm and 81 kg, so FTP from ramp test and 20 min FTP test is similar at 238W or 2.94 W/kg (yes I know not very good yet lol)

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Any outside riding? I’d speculate, doing LV, you need some additional saddle time to progress much further.


I am converting (metric to imperial), so apologies if I have it wrong.

Towards the end of my Chemo in 2019 on a 25 miler (circa 40km) I averaged 251w NP for 38.9kph, two years later I averaged just 220w NP but for 42kph. The big difference for me, was the amount of time I spent in the position in the latter (nearly all of it). Is there any positional gains you can make ?


I don’t think you’ll need another 100W or so, I’m an 84kg rider FTP 260-270 and I’m around the hour for 40km on a flat course on a TT bike.

Consistency over time is your friend, so I would stick with plan builder and consider moving up to MV.

You may be able to hit your pace already with the right prep and course - or you could trial on Rouvy/Zwift/etc


@JoeX makes a good point @AshHolzheimer I’ve only done one 15miler (circa 24km) and just missed the 40kph but it’s a technical course with a few ups and downs and roundabouts (traffic circles) but I have smashed it by 2.3kph on a course nearly twice as long (40km) on a untechical and flat course.

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I followed a 12 week programme ( bike body strength programme) from socalbikept Dr Tim WOO , i try do to them 3 times a week on rest days ( i am on LV plan) . It has helped a lot with my lower back and being able to use my gluteus more during riding ! Follow him on instagram also quite a lot of interesting stuff and you don’t need weights or anything crazy expensive just somme knee bands