Planning for next year

I’m in the middle of my build phase, but my next big ride won’t be until next summer. Should I go back to the Base Phase or continue on to the Specialty Phase?

I am tempted to move on to Specualty to see what the workout are like, but am unsure if it that is the best approach.

As a side note, I will finish Specialty way before summer, what would be the best thing to do, go back to Base or repeat Build and/or stay with Specialty?

Too Much Time!



Ideally you would schedule your year working backwards from when your A race is or when you want to be most fit. If you don’t have an A race and want to “peak” for the summer, then you’d want to finish your Specialty plan mid summer and try to hold onto that fitness to finish out your season.

So working backwards you’d have Specialty summer, Build spring/summer and base prior to that. Once you have all of that in the calendar you’ll know how much extra time you have to play with. I’d be careful doing Specialty now and end up being a January hero. As suggested above, more Base is usually best.