Plan builder question on longest ride and adjustments

Newbie to trainerroad (been doing zwift training plans for the past yr with good results) and just started plan builder.

Question 1: Ive sheduled a monster event in September 2020 (393km) which will take approx 16hrs. But plan builder scheduled my longest workout as 2hrs on a weekend. Surely it should recognise that i need one or two rides which is longer in nature? Or is the longest workout limited to 2hrs?

Question 2: If i add an event in plan builder after the plan has already been built or i adjust the length, should plan builder then adjust the workouts automatically or should i do anything to force an update?

Question 3: My current plan seems to stop just after my last A event. Ive tried to enter a new event last in the next month but plan builder does not update any new workouts. Is there something im missing here??

This has been previously discussed on multiple occasions here in the forum and mentioned on the podcast as well. The plan notes already mention that you can replace a weekend SS ride with a longer endurance variant if you would like. You could also do a LV plan if you’re doing a higher volume plan and use the extra time to add in long weekend rides, condensing your TR workouts into the week. Here’s some of the other discussions on that that come up if you search the forum if you’d like to see what people have said in the past:

There’s been some discussion about when Plan Builder will and won’t prompt you to recalculate in the Plan Builder announcement thread, and I believe it ultimately depends on the priority of the event and when you added it. I’m not sure on the exact scenarios when it does and does not prompt for a recalculation, so hopefully someone else might be able to address that more specifically. You can manually adjust volume after the fact on a block by block basis, but that isn’t determined based on event length AFAIK. To your last question, I do recall that adding an event after your last A event will not force a recalculation prompt. You would need to remove the plan and run through Plan Builder again to have it account for that event.


Thanks for the feedback, ill look at those threads you mentioned. It would appear to me that plan builder is currently static and once created does not change (ive tried to adjust certain events and add new ones and it does not seem to make adjustments).


At the moment, Plan Builder is static. That being said, we are working to make it possible to add/remove A races and have the Plan Builder recalculate according to the change. We do not have an ETA for this capability, but it is absolutely something that we are planning as a follow-up feature.

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Thanks Bryce,
Appreciate the feedback and looking forward to the next evolution.