Pinnacle HC smart turbo trainer compatibility with Trainerroad in erg mode

Admittedly I don’t think it’s listed on the list of compatible smart turbo’s but has anyone used a Pinnacle HC smart turbo with Trainerroad on a PC with it set to erg mode?

The turbo claims to be compatible with Trainerroad, zwift, rouvy etc etc.

The Trainerroad app on the PC picks up that it is a smart turbo but doesn’t adjust the power level on a work out when it is set to erg mode. It just registers whatever power the person is pedalling at.

This is the same both of the two Pinnacle turbos we have in the household with two different Windows PC’s. The trainer firmware is up to date but set to the one that adjusts wattage more quickly, than the version that gives more power smoothing (less abrupt in zwift I think).

The turbo works fine in erg mode with an android tablet but wanted to do a group work out and it just wouldn’t operate erg mode - despite TR recognising the device as a Smart Trainer.