Performance Bicycles bankruptcy

For those in the San Diego region Performance Bicycles store in Oceanside is going out of business. Everything (and I mean everything) is 30-50% off. Store location only, not online.

Edit: Appears to be 40 out of their 160 stores are closing. So, Oceanside won’t be the only store, maybe one closer to you, worth having a look.

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Performance Bicycle
3833 Plaza Dr #701, Oceanside, CA 92056
(760) 726-5559

The longer you wait the better the deals will be. Obviously some things will go really fast. But if your eyeing a bike in an odd size or something most people won’t be in the market for wait until the last week the store is open. I had a really good relationship with some of the guys that worked at my local store when it closed 5 or 6 years ago. I told them what I was eyeing and they told me whether to buy it now or wait. Some of the better selling high priced items like Garmin computers they will ship to other stores rather than take too big of a hit on them.

Good advice. I’ve been thinking about getting my wife a single speed beach cruiser.

I picked up the last pair of bibs in my size for a nice 40% off :hugs:

The store here in Bonita closed very suddenly about two weeks ago. I was bummed. It’s a block from the house we moved into six weeks ago… had planned to join their group rides and use them as my LBS. They only had a sign out front for a couple of days so I wouldn’t wait.