Perceived exertion varies when in different gears

I notice that my perceived exertion during a workout is higher when I’m in the litte ring at the front and in the middle of the coggs at the back (with 95 rpm) then when I’m using the big ring. The torque I need is higher when using the little ring. With common sense this is because of the momentum in the bigger gear?

Do other people encounter this as well? And should I be training with the little ring to get the most out of my workout?

ps. I use a Tacx Bushido as trainer

Yes, gearing in ERG matters and affects the feel.

The rule of thumb is to try to match the flywheel inertia to the majority of your events.

  • Flat and Fast Road Riding = Use Higher Bearing and Faster Flywheel Inertia
  • Hilly and Off-Road = Use Lower Gearing and Slower Flywheel Inertia
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Thanks for the explanation!
Faster flywheel inertia it is then!

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