Peloton bike at hotel

:scream: so that’s why my butt is so tender this week!


Mine is a 3rd generation and is very close to my garmin pedals as well.

I am a huge Matt fan but I will check these out. Are they essentially sweet spot rides or do they train different zones like Matt’s power zone classes?

It’s been years since I did one, but my recollection was European dance beats with a kitchen sink of intervals

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I usually pick a zone 2 ride or if the hotel gym is decently cool I may do a simpler VO2 Max workout (2 min @ 120%). I usually setup the ride as an outdoor ride, use my phone as a cue sheet and track heart rate via my garmin watch. I’m not sure how accurate the power measurement is on Peleton, but this at least allows me to get a TR workout in while training.

Sometimes the hotel has an account and you can do a free ride, sometimes you have to use the free Just Ride feature which has no content, but still shows power, speed and cadence.

One other note some hotel have toe clips that clip into the peleton Clipless pedals, sometimes they just have the peleton pedals. There’s a hotel I frequent that has a peleton and only the standard clipless peleton pedals. I brought my road shoes one trip which has the look style cleats for the Assioma pedals and they were absolute trash to clip into, it was really disappointing. I don’t know if Peleton uses a proprietary pedal system or if these were just trashed from people trying to ride them with flat shoes, but that experience wasn’t the best.

Peloton comes with Look Delta pedals.

All the hotel bikes I have seen use SPD pedals…but I know the home versions come with the Looks.


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Ahh. Maybe that’s it. Would makes sense for the commercial version to come with SPDs.

That would explain the comment above. Trying to put Keo cleats into Delta pedals would go poorly.

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Peloton bike also has old school toe clips, avoided the game of cleat roulette and packed my ancient pair of Nike free run shoes for the gym.


I’ve had a free peloton account for 4 or so years now and it hasn’t expired yet for being able to log into a hotel bike and do a free ride then upload it to Strava (which then syncs to my TR). I bring my HR strap and pick the just ride with no goals and then run my TR on my phone to give me my intervals. I set the peloton resistance to where the power should be and then evaluate how my HR responds to the appropriate Zone levels and then add some resistance or reduce it as needed. I’ve seen them off by 10-20% of power and I’ve seen them close enough to just let it be.

As for the workout uploading into TR later on, every time I’ve done it the power and HR and cadence, etc., have come through AS long as you don’t let your TR ride end and upload with just your HR data. The few times I have forgotten to do that there seems to be no way to get them to load the same ride data together, FWIW.

Below is the ride I just did on Tuesday on a hotel peloton logging into my free profile account. I have noticed recently that if you don’t see the bar code picture at the log in screen then your chances of being able to log in are slim at best. Best of luck dealing with the lack of fans on the hard rides :hot_face:

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Wow, that’s some impressive improvisation with Peloton and TR! :sweat_smile: It’s always fun finding ways to make it work, especially on hotel bikes. By the way, if you ever find yourself in Miami, check out some cool places to stay miami. Keep up the good work!