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I’ve been looking to treat myself to a new set of wheels and recently came across Parcours (who look to be UK based building up Chinese rims/hubs).

Their weights and prices are impressive, and from what I can find online they have been continually improving their products over the last few years.

My main criteria was aero dynamics, but I also do a lot of hill climbing and hilly TTs so I didn’t want a pair of complete anchors. They have published their aero testing, and it looks as through their 52mm rims are only marginally slower than their 40mm rims despite being ~100grams heavier and more expensive. My question to you is, will the extra drag reduction be worth while, or should I go for the cheaper and lighter rims and accept a minor drag penalty?

The two wheels look to perform very similarly, although I’ve never had a set of aero wheels, so I’m finding it hard to properly quantify the differences in drag in real terms. They do have a table with time saved over 40km, but my guess is that’s modelled on a pan-flat course which is definitely not representative of where I live…!

Aero testing data can be found here (comparison of their 3 main wheel models with a Shimano RS11) -

I’m not completely familiar with this brand and their products, but it looks like the Parcours Grimpeur is the 40mm rim, a while the Passista is 56mm?
From that linked aero testing data article, as well as the below chart, I’d say there’s not enough of a significant difference between the Grimpeur and the Passista to make it worth it. Additionally, that rotational weight savings will pay off for the Hill Climbs and hilly TTs you mentioned you do. If the 40mm is lighter, cheaper, and only slightly slower aerodynamically, I’d go that route.


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I got a pair of the chronos at the beginning of last season and used them racing flat triathlons. I wanted a set of fast carbon rims that I could run tubeless at a good price. I love em. I use them as training and racing wheels and think they are awesome. I accidentally nailed a few huge potholes in races and was sure I had damaged them and they were fine. Totally true still and no signs of damage


Yeah it’s the 40mm and 52mm I’m between. Your advice is exactly what I was thinking - but having never ridden aero wheels, I wasn’t sure where there would be a perceivable difference riding the 52mm vs the 40mm.

Great to hear from someone who is happy with their purchase. Living in an are with crap road surfaces, the fact their are robust is a bonus!