How important is the wheel in Wheel-On trainer setup


since I bought wheel-on trainer (Tacx Bushido Smart) I use a very old and heavy wheel (and not even a full straight) with trainer tire on it.

Will I have better feel or maybe even better power readings if I use my regular wheel (fulcrum zero)?
I have another bike for outdoor ridings so changing tire is not a problem.
Bonus question: Is it long term use wheel-on trainer bad wheels?


  • As long as you follow the manufacture setup and calibration procedures, you will have good results with the old wheel. The calibration process is intended to handle the variations present from different wheels and tires.
  • No real problem. The one main recommendation is to release the resistance unit roller from the wheel when not in use. It can lead to tire issues if it is left with all that force on one location for extended periods of time.
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My road bike’s wheel has all sorts of “personality”.

Wonder what “extended periods of time” really is. Though that might explain the “thump” my wheel has developed.

That time will certainly vary with the specific tire in use. Some will have no issues, while others may develop problems more quickly.

I deliberately left out a time since there is no single answer. “It depends” is true here, just like so many other questions.

As a rule, I would avoid leaving the roller against the tire from workout to workout, even if you workout every day. Basically, I pull it as soon as I finish my workout, and only reapply in the moments before the next workout. Minimal time on the roller is my personal goal.

I trained wheel on for more than a decade. My advice: put a trainer tire on a crappy (but true) road wheel, and always remove it from contact with the resistance drum after each ride.

I’ve blown a road tire on a wheel on trainer before. My conti home trainer tire has like two years of trainer use on it without issue. Stays cool, runs quieter and doesn’t wear a good tire.

On most second hand sites, you can find old box rim road wheels for next to nothing. Buy one, get a cassette and a Hometrainer tire installed and go! (Note: installing a Hometrainer tire is akin to childbirth, or so I assume.)

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I have used the same trainer tire for 6+ years. No issues with it. Lots and lots of indoor time the last 3+ years as I changed jobs and lost the free time for (long) outdoor rides.

If you are short $$$ start with a worn road tire. I have one for the road bike and used it for quite a while as well. No issues.

Get a dedicated wheel … life is exponentially easier. Watch for used. Ask at your LBS (if open) … someone will have something they don’t want.

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I have dedicated bike so changing the tire or wheel is not a problem.

My main question is how much will that better wheel change training feel because current wheel is so heavy…

The heavier wheel would most likely feel better. That’s because trainers often lack the same flywheel inertia that we experience outside. So I think that is actually the right choice.

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