Outside workouts with intervals (road bike or triathlon bike)

I used to live in an area with zero hills so doing outside power workouts with any type of intervals (short or long) did not pose a problem whether I chose a TT bike or road bike. Now I live somewhere with a fair number of hills. If I do a longer steady interval of say 30 minutes or so any uphills or downhills I can usually balance out the watts appropriately.

The issue comes in when I have some workouts with shorter intervals. Here is an example. a workout where I have a 10-15 minute sweetspot interval followed by a 5 minute effort at 100% ftp then 10 minutes easy. I might do this block 4 times. The problem is with all of the hills in my area trying to hit the appropriate watts can be a bit challenging as I might have a steep short-ish climb followed by a longer descent where can’t keep the watts high if I tried. Or I might have a long climb that shoots the watts high even in a low gear.

These aren’t TR workouts but other longer bike workouts that are part of a training plan.

I’m just wondering how others handle riding outside on TT bike. When I have a more steady effort ride it’s usually not an issue. The road bike is clearly better for handling the climbs and descents as well as overall safety as vision is better sitting upright on a road bike. Indoors during triathlon season I use my TT bike and ride in aero and outdoors I do the longer endurance rides in aero.

I’m just wondering how other triathletes manage their outdoor workouts