Outside bike storage (Weatherproof)

Hi All,

Does anyone knows about a small bike storage solution that is weatherproof?

I live in a 3rd floor flat and I’ll have to start leaving the bike outside in the balcony.

My main concern is the cold weather that can affect the PM battery (and electronics?), lights, saddle fabric and rubber. Temps will be just above freezing for months… Deeping a few time below zero. Its exposed to wind too.

I was looking at small pre-made sheds but they don’t fit in the balcony nicely.

I was also looking for a bike cover but that doesn’t protect against the cold.

At the moment I’m thinking the only option is to built a costume shed which is not my preferred option.

Security is not a concern.

I’m I being too precious about my bike?

Any ideas are welcomed.

I googled this:

Review of the Bike Cave bike storage (cyclesprog.co.uk)

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I won’t worry about temps. Cold can reduce battery output a bit but the temps you’re talking won’t cause any damage. And 0c is not really cold anyway and most cycling electronics are speced for use well into negative temps.

Most newer power meters have automatic temperature compensation but if you are storing the bike outside and bring it inside for workouts, it might be a good idea to let it warm up to room temperature for a few minutes before you start doing portions of rides where you want super accuracy from your power meter.

A shed is probably overkill unless you want it for some other reason. Unless you put a heater in it, it’s going to be at the outdoor temperature anyways. I suggest a simple cover to keep your bike clean and dry and leave it at that.

One thing that can damage tires etc is long term UV exposure so whatever you do keeping your bike out of the sun when stored is important.

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If it is just to protect it from the elements, there are many soft bicycle covers on Amazon

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I don’t know how buggy your area is, but I wonder if you go with a cover, whether you can get one that zips shut to keep the bugs and dirt from blowing in/getting in underneath.

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Thanks everyone for your inputs.

@HLaB know about those but it would look awful in my balcony, but most importantly the wind (exposed 3rd floor balcony) would tier that up in the first gust.

@STP and @ZeroGravity, yes I’m probably being too zealous.

I found this Bike Capsules – ALPEN Storage but way to pricey



Oooh, but it looks so cool! :heart_eyes:. I’ll have to go see how much it is :face_with_peeking_eye:

:rofl: :joy:Well, yep, that’s expensive!


Some good information on this website for bike storage options….

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Wife won’t let you keep the bike in the bedroom any more? :grin:

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There’s the soft-sided Yardstash (and a ton of clones) which is much cheaper (though also ugly as sin). If the temps are only around freezing you don’t need to worry about cold as others have said (except calibration will be affected as STP said)

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Hahaha! :rofl::rofl::rofl: She is actually a saint!

We have more bikes in the flat than rooms…