Question about bike corrosion

Just picked up my winter bike after having it serviced. Had just planned to have the cables and break pads adjusted as it had a total breakdown service in April. Since then it has been stored in the garage.

Thing is, it’s stored on brackets in quite close proximity to my trainer.

When I picked the bike up, the mechanic asked me if I’d stored the bike near the coast. I laughed as said ‘no, why?’ He said the it was riddled with corrosion. He’d had to strip it down and kept the hub and bottom bracket bearings to show me. They were shot.

So my question. Is it even possible that my perspiration during the workouts is adversely effecting this bike, purely based on where I’m storing it?

Yes - particularly if it’s also humid in your area.

I’d bet though if this is a winter bike that it gets mucked up regularly and generally not cleaned or maintained as well as could be. At least that is what happens to my winter and dedicated trainer bikes so apologies if falsely accusing you !!

Pro tip for trainer bikes - there will be salt buildup under the tape and hoods. Need to unwrap and clean regularly. Sweat will also find its way down the stem into the headset. Heavy salt sweaters can absolutely destroy bikes this way.