Otso Waheela C gravel bike ride characteristics

I’m a rider of a Trek Domane SL5 Disc (54 cm). I am looking to get an Otso Waheela C in size M. I’m 179 cm with a 81 cm inseam. Otso confirms that the size M is perfect for my dimensions, I’ve also shared the bike fit measurements with them to be doubly sure.

Otso Waheela C – Otso Cycles

From a bike fit point of view, the bike is quite perfect. What I can’t know beforehand is the ride quality, for which I’ll have to buy the bike, no test ride is possible and the bike is custom-made from a component point of view.

What I am looking for: A sporty gravel bike, intended for 50-60 miles in the saddle, events such as Watermoo or Barry Roubaix. Not looking to compete in races, just finish strong. Need not be as aggressive as the Cervelo Aspero, but needs to be much more responsive than a Salsa Vaya. If it’s similar in ride quality to a Giant Revolt or the older (pre-2022) model Trek Checkpoint, that’s good. 50 mm tire clearance in 700c is the goal.

What I am not looking for: A drop-bar mountain bike. Not looking to bikepack with heavy loads.

Can anyone please provide inputs on the ride characteristics of this bike?