New XXL gravel bike recommendations?

Hey there,
I’m looking at doing some long endurance gravel racing in the coming years and as such, I’m looking for recommendations for a new bike setup. I’m tall, 6’ 5" with long legs (36-38" inseam) so it’s not so easy to just pick a gravel bike from one of the major bike companies and dial in the size to fit me. I’ve been training on an older Soma Double Cross 64cm, but I’d like to move to disc brakes (10 year old Double Cross doesn’t have disc brake mounts, just cantilever) and a modern 2x11 drivetrain (currently running an old 2x9 Shimano). The newer Soma Double Cross 64cm or 66cm is one option…others? Stack of 640 or more and reach of 400 or more.
Thanks in advance!

Budget? (as in, what is it) :sweat_smile:

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US, UK, EU, AUS, etc. based?
(may affect available brands and related recommendations)

If you’re UK/Euro based then these guys have a lot of nice write-ups. including the sweet Wilier gravel bikes.

I’m in New York state, USA. Budget…around $3-4K

I’m a huge fan of my KHS Grit 110. Take a look at the 440 they offer an XL frame size too

I’m 6’4", so just a little bit shorter than you, but I’ve never ridden anything close to that size. Are you absolutely sure you need a bike that big?

Just looked up frame size, etc. Ignore my previous comment. Van Dessel seems to only go up to 58cm or 60cm

Yeah, I have a custom fit Seven for road racing and for the most part, I try to match dimensions to that bike for fit. Using stack and reach as two good measurements (although not consistent between manufacturers)…usually the stack and reach on frames less than 60cm aren’t even close to the fit I have on my Seven.

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Go for the Canyon Grail. I haven’t heard anything about the ride quality, but that biplane design… you’ll be the most noticed person on the trail (good bad or otherwise)

Yeah I just did the same…the stack and reach are too short on Van Dessel. I’d end up with extremely long seat post, stem and a dozen head tube spacers.

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My local shop really likes the the 2019 Specialized Diverge models in your budget range.

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Can you post the stack and reach of your Seven, if you have it handy?

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Really really enjoying my Niner RLT Steel. The ride is just phenomenal! But with Reynolds steel, you’d expect that, I was just shocked the first time I rode it. I’d come from a steel Salsa Fargo (fitted with Cowchippers and 45c tires) and it was an amazing difference. The RLT has lots of options for mounting racks and bottles, a slick carbon fork, and a pretty good parts build. I bought mine off of Competitive Cyclist online and customized the build (different seat and tires, upgraded drivetrain, etc.). It’s a very versatile bike for both road and gravel.

For me, steel was more desirable than carbon for this type of bike. I wanted something comfortable for very long rides, and something durable/reliable that wouldn’t have any issues (like paint chips with carbon from gravel riding). I looked hard at the new Salsa Warbird frame, but just decided I didn’t want to mess with carbon, and a race-style bike wasn’t going to have what I was looking for for just a ride-it-everywhere type bike. The Warbird is a killer bike, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t regret my choice one bit.


Stack is 660 and reach is 410

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Ive just bought a Canyon Grail in Aluminium and am really pleased with it. It has the regular handlebar and is a LOT of fun for not a huge outlay.

For that $, there is the Norco Search XR, which has great specs. I also was really eyeing the new Giant Revolt.

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I have a Ti Warbird that’s a few years old. I’m super happy with it. Titanium will last multiple lifetimes. I’ve ridden quite a few gravel 100 milers, and the Dirty Kanza 200. It performed really well, has versatility, tire clearance of 38s. Depending on where you’re at in the US, that’s more than enough. My model does have a top pull front derailleur that may go obsolete at some point. I plan to just convert it to a single in the front when that happens. Not sure if Salsa makes one that fits you.

I’m about to start building up a Rodeo Labs Trail Donkey, so no review but they should be coming out withe the Trail Donkey 3.0 very soon, their steel bike also looks like it would be a lot of fun.

That’s definitely a lot of stack. I don’t think many of the bikes suggested in this thread so far are going to come anywhere close to what you’re looking for unfortunately.