Oreka O5 Trainer

Latest info on their main product page:


A new trainer from Oreka (called the O5?) set for release on July 15, 2020.

Seems to include a bit of roll axis flex from the teaser. Will be interesting to see their take and hope it’s more successful than their rollers/mill.

I will update this post as we see info released after the embargo expires.

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Brags / Tags from the clip:

  • Real Training
  • Ergodynamic (maybe related to whatever motion they allow?)
  • Plugless (self-powered like the Neo and some Jet Black’s?)
  • Oreka App
  • Compact (storage?, since deployed looks wiiiide?)
  • Oreka Training Innovation

That is some wide footprint.


Will you repost the video link? It’s showing up for me as “No video with supported format and MIME type found”.



OK, I tried a different approach. It’s FB, so that could be an issue.


FB? Ugh. Me no use that crap :crazy_face:

That might be why I’m having issues. Oh well. Hopefully info / vid will pop-up somewhere else.

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I looked at their YouTube channel, but there is nothing there on the new trainer. Seems they are sticking to the social media for now?

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One video from the weekend:

Another released this morning:

This latest one shows a decent amount of max roll axis motion standing and sprinting.

Full info hopefully coming tomorrow. Curious to see if it coincides with a release from DC Rainmaker and/or GP Lama too.

That looks like a really cool trainer! I’ve never heard of Oreka before though, and it looks expensive. But seems like a seriously cool for those looking at the top end trainers.

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They are relatively new. Their original trainer is the O2 treadmill. It got a pretty bad review from DC Rainmaker, and their responses to his comments during testing were not reassuring.

I am curious to see more about the trainer and an outside review. I’d love to try one for sure.

Does anyone know if more trainers like this (with built-in side-to-side motion) coming out in the near future? I think Neo 2T does that to some extent?

All Neo models have a bit of flex. It moves a very small amount compared to a real rocker, but more than most rigid trainers.

Not sure on other trainers coming, but my bet is that we may see more in the future.