Only 1 week of specialization?

I just generated a plan targeting a race in late March, 2024. It’s using polarized MV, which looks fine through several base and build phases. But, the calendar is only showing 1 week of specialization and that’s the week of the event. Is that intentional? I would have expected a few weeks of specialization prior to the taper week?

This likely relates to the selection you made in the Experience tab IIRC. It’s probably that in conjunction with the overall timing of your target event between your scheduled start date leading to the method Plan Builder used to construct your plan.

Picking the Beginner and Intermediate ones emphasize Base, while Advanced does Build and Expert is more about Specialty. This may not be the exact trigger in your case, but running the PB with each of these selected can lead to differences in plans.

Regardless of the “labels” I sometimes alter which Experience level I choose to get the plan layout that I prefer. If that doesn’t sound related to your results, an email to support could be useful.


That did it - I rebuilt a plan and selected “Advanced” and now I have a more normal (to my eye) set of specialization blocks in the lead-up to events.

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