One of my fav TR features is busted

The ‘All Rides’ button on the workouts page(s) doesn’t work anymore.

Is it just me or is it generally busted. One of my favorite features…

Works for me via mobile test right now.

Our Test Team just tested this on multiple devices and everything appears to be working properly. Are you still experiencing this issue?


No problem now. It came back over the weekend…first time I tried it after Chad posted he had it working.

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Bryce…my apologies. I didn’t know you would bird dog the forum so closely for issues. I should have posted sooner that the feature started working again.

Now I feel like I’ve delayed the release of some other super-cool feature…

No worries at all! It’s my job to make sure any issues posted here in the forum are sorted out properly :slight_smile: .

I’m happy to hear that everything is back and running as intended.