OLD: TrainerRoad Referral Code, Free Trial Requests & Sharing

PM sent to @thomasly, thank you.

Thank you for your offer, @Davy_Timmermans.

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Trying out a bunch of cycling software before I finally enter my credit card. TR is in the lead, and I’d love a referral code.


Private message sent.

Please send me a referral code too! (via PM)

PM sent.

Anyone able to PM me a referral code? Excited to try out TrainerRoad!

Message me your full name and email and I’ll send you one

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Hey y’all.

I’ve got three referral codes if anyone is interested. Just PM me your name and email address and I’ll hook you right up. :upside_down_face:

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I for the life of me can’t work out how to PM you. If you PM me I’ll reply with my details, thanks!

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I’ve got 3 referral codes as well if anyone wants one just PM me with your name and email address.

Hi all. I’ve also just joined the forums and looking for a referral code to evaluate the software against Zwift which I’m currently using (looking for some proper structured workouts and training plans). Would PM those that have offered referral codes (thanks all by the way), but honestly not quite sure how to PM yet.

How to send a private message:

  1. Click the user’s avatar (round picture) and you will see some details about the user.

  2. Click the red “Message” button to start a private message to that person.

  3. Write the desired message.

  4. Click the red “Message” button to send the message.

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Hi everyone,

I am new here and would be very grateful if someone could offer me a referral code.

I would PM someone who’s offering but I can’t see the red “message” button?

Thank you

EDIT - I can now see the RED MESSAGE button :slight_smile:

I think you need to accrue a certain amount of forum ‘usage’ before you get access to the messaging functions. Don’t know exactly what though.


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I’ve got a few so send me a message with your email address.


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That may well be true. In those cases, the new user can request a messages from a more established user.

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Hi Mike,

Sorry, I am unable to message (probably as I am new). Do you have a spare promo code available to message me with? I am looking at switching over from one of the alternatives as I want to get a little more serious with training.

Thank you if you’re able to help!

i have 3 Promo codes to anyone who wants them - Send me your email addy’s

I’ve got a couple of referral codes if anyone wants one, pm me your email address.

Hi, looking for a promo code, kicking Zwift to the curb, I’m a new forum user so I cannot PM.

If someone could PM me a code that would be great, thanks!