OLD: TrainerRoad Referral Code, Free Trial Requests & Sharing

Received one from another user. Much appreciated thought :blush:

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Hi Stringwise, Would you be able to send me a code?

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I’ve also got 3 referrals available

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Hi George, may i have the code? Much appreciated :pray:

Certainly. If you send me your name and email by pm I’ll send you one.:+1:


How do i pm you?


I’ve just messaged you.


I have 5 codes as well.

Back on the bike after a rough winter dealing with the aftermath and recovery of a hard wreck. Anyone willing to send me a link for a month trial? I’m curious about firing up my old computrainer and implementing structured training

I’m happy to do it if you PM me your name and email.

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i have 3 if anyone needs it

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I would love to have 2 referral codes for two of my friends. Thank you very much.

I’m interested in receiving a referral code to try

I’ve still got two to give away. Message me your full name and email and I’ll send them to you

@Bryce or someone else – how do I send a referral if I don’t have their email?

Unfortunately you will need their email in order to send a referral.

If it’s not too much to ask as a newcomer to the forum; would someone please share a referral code with me?
Let’s trade PMs.

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shoot me a message with your email and name

shoot me an message

shoot - message :slight_smile: