Offroad bikes and chain waxing?

Waxed metal sheds mud, but my wax manufacturer suggests rewaxing after a wet ride. This is not because water hurts the lube, but because it can cause road grime to get inside the rollers and wear out the wax more quickly.

I’ve had no problems throwing the chain on the bike while it’s still hot and just turning the cranks a few times. Other than a bit more wax drippage and flaking. Breaking stiff links is the worst part of the process after waiting for the wax to melt.

Stay home? :wink:

I like waxed chains on my gravel and MTB bikes (mostly used in the dry although Scotland was very wet and I only had normal lube to relube them with) but half the time I find I need a new chain anyway and then don’t have time to get it done before the next ride.

Good for road too, although I tend to run factory lube for a while and only when I get around to it will I wax them. TT bike is performance waxed. Wax is a bit annoying on the turbo as it’s noisier and flakes off on the floor, so it’s all a bike of a compromise.