Off the bike exercise to better manage an aero position?

I changed to a longer stem and slammed it.

Power numbers equal, lower back felt good but my neck not so good :slight_smile:

I can go with the new position for roughly 1.5-2 hours but then my neck starts to burn. Obviously my neck muscles did not like the big change :slight_smile: I really want to adapt to be able to hold it for longer rides though.

What is your best tip to strengthen the neck muscles on or off the bike? is it just to ride more and HTFU?

Part of what I have noticed for me, on the trainer you don’t have the weight of your helmet which doesn’t seem like a big deal but is. Sounds super silly but I have started wearing my helmet occasionally on the trainer to add a little bit of strength to my neck.

Another thing is getting used to looking up as much with your eyes as you can an not have to look up with your head as much.