Norseman VR: Reporting Altitude

Hello All,

I’m doing a Virtual Race called the Norseman Holiday Quest, and I need to report altitude. Is this reported/calculated in TrainerRoad and I just don’t know where to look, or could this be considered?


I don’t think that there’s any virtual gradient in TR - it’s just power that’s used to set resistance of smart trainers, and the workouts sync to garmin/strava as “Indoor cycling” with no altitude change.

You’ll need your trainer to be connected to something that records virtual routes with simulated gradients and climbing, like Zwift or rouvy, rgt or so on.

Oooo… just clicked on your links. You’re going in the draw for a real-life Norseman place? Good luck, that’s super impressive just to be aiming for it! Looks like Zwift is the easiest way to log altitude, there are even events organised to get it done

@timb34 Thank you, Sir! Yep. I had the chance to do it in 2007 before the lottery, and choose IM Wisconsin instead. Kicking myself now for not doing it sooner. It’s been 5 years of lottery now…

That’s what I figured. It’ll take a little more set-up, but I’ll use the other apps.