Normalized power on a trainer

Why do we get such a spread between normalized power and average power when doing a work out on a trainer. There is always a load on the legs no free wheeling.

Normalized power, is a weighted average of the work you have done during a particular ride. This metric gives extra emphasis to high-output efforts (INTERVALS ETC) and accounts for surges or spikes in power.

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But I am wondering why a nearly 30 watt normalized on a ramp test. In erg?

And I got the same with my trainer power and crank power. I understand normalized. Outside. But in erg in a trainer. No sense to me

Based on your comment I don’t think you understand what normalized power is.

It’s weighted average, so the higher powers “count” more.

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To put it simply, the time you spend above threshold in the ramp test is weighted much more heavily than the time you spend below it. And there is a considerable amount of work done above threshold in a ramp test.