Normalised Power below Average Power

I wonder if someone could please explain NP vs Ave P

I’ve been doing 40s:20s On:Off sessions.

Whilst reviewing that I noticed my average power is actually GREATER than my Normalised Power, I can’t get my head around how my NP could ever be lower than average power.


Agree that’s a little surprising - presumably it’s happening because your efforts are a bit above threshold, but your rest periods are a long way below it - and I believe normalised power is based on scaling your actual power according to the square of intensity (which is the distance from FTP).

How long were your rest periods between the sets of 40/20s, and how hard were the rest periods?

^ interesting. … didn’t know that (the different treatment of very short intervals)

As TP says, you shouldn’t even look at NP for any effort less than at least 20 minutes long. It’s stupid that they even provide it.

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I was only doing very short efforts, 40 sec on 20 sec off so I now understand if TR’s blog is correct. I was baffled as to how a NP figure could be lower than an average across that timed segment especially after the inevitable non-erg-mode front loaded surging.

Thanks for the input & responses.