Noisy chain / drive train with first waxing! Help!

Yesterday I gave waxing a go for the first time, using MSW. New chain (Dura Ace) cleaned consistent with MSW and Zero Friction instructions. Wiped clean. Slow cooker, left in an hour as wax melted, then 2x swishing, hang dry, broke chain. Cleaned pulleys/cranks (Ultegra), cassette (newish SRAM) with min spirits and acetone.

Noticed even on the work stand the chain was noisy. Like a baseball card in the spokes. Rode next day - spending first few minutes breaking in chain, then did a 2.5 hour ride. Clean shifts, but never got really any quieter. Post ride - lots of wax flakes, black wax on cassette. Chain link sides feel pretty dry. Rollers feel pretty slick.

Not sure what the potential issue or remedies might be. Back to zero and reclean (I hope not(1!) - spent lots of time on that)? Rewax (some internetz seem to recommend letting wax cool a bit for more adhesion), top off with drip on wax?

If the sounds isn’t from the drivetrain but rather the chain itself, I would go back to pour boiling water 2x over the chain to melt whatever wax is on it, soak it in min spirit for 15min before shaking the bottle for 2-3min, then once more with denatured alcohol shaking 2-3 min. Rinse and dry, then rewax. I prefer to melt the wax completely before soaking the chain in, wait for all bubbles are gone, swish then hang to dry.

First thought….did you route the chain correctly in the RD? Specifically, did you accidentally put the chain outside the derailleur cage between the two pulleys?

This is a more common mistake than most people realize.


Did that once - good call!


Is the quick link installed correctly?

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Winner Winner!

Ugh. I took so much time to route the chain right, yet missed the cage guide tab between the two pulleys. Re-routed and silky smooth and silent.

BTW - I had emailed Molten Speed and they CALLED ME. On Saturday night. And walked me through my steps and got me to the same answer. Best customer service experience I have literally ever had. They have my business!

Humble thanks!


Most of us have done it at one point or another….glad you got it sorted!

And kudos to MSW for great customer service.


Yep, been there. Was like “Holy HELL what is THAT?” and then figured it out.