No longer able to afford TR

Whether I would join at full price now is a different question. I would be happy to pay more for TR as it stands (if you look at the legacy pricing thread elsewhere I have said that there too), but the hypothetical of whether I would join now at a higher price having no experience of TR is difficult to answer.

The reason I would be happy to pay more is that I have been using it for a long time and I have seen the amount of improvements in that time. I make extensive use of PLs especially from experience (and use AT), but as a new customer I wouldn’t have that experience so I maybe wouldn’t perceive the same value.

I don’t think rewarding loyalty is a bad thing though, in principle.


In context, about a weeks senior developer wages,

Are you saying that although you have been paying for the development all this time, the development done wouldn’t be worth doubling the price for you ?

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See OP

As it is due to exchange rate fluctuations it is important to note that by paying more the additional money isnt actually going to TR - they still get the same amount of money in dollars. it does make it an expensive option here in the UK though with the current exchange rate.


Hmm not sure that OP’s giving it up after 3 years for (completely understandable) personal reasons and whether I would join now at full price are directly comparable. In the event I probably would not join again now for my own different set of personal reasons… but then I am not self employed and am lucky to have steady employment at a level where a $20/month sub isn’t that big of a concern.

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There is a whole thread for discussing Legacy Pricing.


Only with more recent Garmin devices I think - certainly doesn’t show on my old 810 or on Connect.

It did show up on my 1040 Solar, however I only owned that for about 1 month before it was stolen (£630 down the drain, making any discussion of TR pricing pale into insignificance :smiley: )

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I don’t subscribe to zwift (dropped it several years ago) but still do a couple of rides a month on it as everyone gets 25km for free each month which is handy as my Tri club do weekly time trial races. If choose hilly courses then 25km can cover 2 rides, especially as only need to have 1km left to start a new ride and then can just carry on (it doesn’t kick you out once 25km are used up, just can’t start a new ride), so could do a 24km ride then a 200km ride if wanted another day. I know doesn’t help with TR but if zwift subscriber but don’t use it often then worth knowing.


I don’t Zwift but could one just keep their profile open/on/alive once they started the second ride as you describe?
As in do your second ride, don’t end it, and ride it again the next day? Rinse and repeat for the month? Start a new 25km allotment when the month rolls around.

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No idea if could keep it open multiple days

It appears you can keep Zwift open multiple days, but you would only be able to do one event / course, would make getting those long route badges a lot easier

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Just a reminder, we wouldn’t want it to appear that praising TD wasn’t allowed, but bashing/hacking Zwift free trial was

I am probably slow & irritated this morning due to late coffee and a double needle stick for my annual blood draw… but I am totally missing whatever your point is here.

This topic already strayed far from the original economic discussion, even after my attempt to keep it on track and direct non-TR app discussion to other topics. If this is the direction you all want to take the topic, have at it.

ETA: Upon multiple re-reads, if you are insinuating that I somehow tried to stop or curtail TrainerDay discussion, you are dead wrong. I politely requested that discussion of TrainerDay or any other apps be moved into a more separate topic (ex: a different thread on this forum).

I was attempting redirect discussion towards the original topic here (economic related), as we try to do per Nate’s Keep it Tidy” guideline. TR and I are totally open to discussion of other training platforms and all that surround them. There are numerous examples out there and some I even spend time covering (Zwift & in particular), and all are welcome.

It’s just nice if people keep them in appropriate topics as mentioned. I am not playing favorites here in any way, period.


@mcneese.chad trying to keep the TR forum threads on topic



I let my $99 renewal lapse today, because I’m not using it as much (used TR more when I lived in Utah and had snow outside in winter), and my $99 is going to be spent on a pair of cross tires today instead.

I maintain that if you’re really training hard, then TR is a bargain. But if you’re not training hard or often, then it’s not worth it compared to either Zwift being more fun or some outdoor riding like I’ll do with CX tires.

Glad the forum and podcast are free.

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Sorry, if I insulted, I wasn’t intending to imply anything of you. My intent was just to quote you’re earlier post, not to imply anything on you

Again, sorry, no slight was intended

I seem to be in a fight anybody mode today, something to do with 20% of my companies workforce being made redundant I expect, sorry to anybody I have insulted / offended in this thread


Thanks for the apology. Stress is shitty and gets the better of us all somedays.

Hoping for better times ahead for all of us. :+1:


I just caught this article about the US Dollar relative to other currencies and the related impacts (good/bad) for a range of people:

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Its certainly killing me.