No longer able to afford TR

No mention of pricing at all from what I can see.

And they don’t take a credit card or paypal detail, I wonder what that means

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Yeah, weird. I don’t want to seem unduly skeptical or cynical, but it seems odd.

It has names and faces for the “team” so that’s something.

I just find it odd that it’s just popped up without any real information about what it is lol.

Anyway, to your OP. I completely understand your struggle. I haven’t had a pay increase since 2019-2020 and the cost of living squeeze is real. I guess it all comes down to your priorities and what you can justify/are willing to sacrifice. For me, I really enjoy TR and get a lot out of it, so I save up for several months before my annual fee goes out each year. It is a lot of money, but it suits me well.

I don’t see anywhere near the value in the other options above (but I have no interest in Zwift), but if it allows you to maintain your training in a manner you can sustain then more power to you.


Life will always get more expensive. We can contract and reduce outgoings as much as possible: dropping all the extras, then the fun stuff, then cutting into the basics. This is not fun. Or there is always the option of using tight times as a “when the going gets tough, the tough get going…” moment and kicking up a gear and adding value to yourself as a worker/employee/business by getting new skills, certifications and promotions and earning a load more money. Seriously, imagine if you earned twice as much… Now go and do something to make that happen.


Count your stars that you don’t live in Japan. Since last October, the Yen depreciated 30 %. I sympathize with you. I wouldn’t blame TR for this, they are not responsible for dramatic changes in exchange rate and spiking inflation around the world.

However, I think it is good that you have your priorities straight, and a hobby is less important than making ends meet.

Technically speaking, TR did not raise prices, their subscription fee is simply paid in dollars — which means it is very expensive for almost everyone else.

I have never tried Zwift, are you paying their subscriptions in a local currency? Or are you paying in dollars?

Even if you are not paying in dollars, many companies have adjusted prices. Apple’s new AirPods Pro cost close to 30 % more — which corresponds to the actual change in currency. I got a sticker shock when I specced out a new MacBook Air. :exploding_head:

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Absolutly, which is why I said

But also, I was relying to the comment that Zwift had raised it prices, which it last did in 2017, Trainer Road 2019, Zwift did comment on raising prices in Jan 2022, Trainer Road about the same time

OK but how does that help the OP afford TR, I expect he isn’t buying new Airpods or MacBook air either

Here’s something to do with your extra earnings


For me Zwift is £12.99. The last TR sub (29 August) came out at £10.49, will go up somewhat, perhaps to around £11.50-£11.60. Still not a huge price in the grand scheme of things (IMO). I use the two products in a different and complimentary way though, Zwift is a social/racing/entertainment platform and TR is where I actually do my training.

Intereating, but

Myself and OP are paying full price, I think it’s going to be over £20, would you feel the same if you had to pay double what you are currently, keep in mind that you are gettting Zwift and TR for just a couple of pounds than “we” are paying for TR

I mean the fact I have been paying in for 6 years and supporting their development for all of that time. Somewhere around $900 US so far.


Whether I would join at full price now is a different question. I would be happy to pay more for TR as it stands (if you look at the legacy pricing thread elsewhere I have said that there too), but the hypothetical of whether I would join now at a higher price having no experience of TR is difficult to answer.

The reason I would be happy to pay more is that I have been using it for a long time and I have seen the amount of improvements in that time. I make extensive use of PLs especially from experience (and use AT), but as a new customer I wouldn’t have that experience so I maybe wouldn’t perceive the same value.

I don’t think rewarding loyalty is a bad thing though, in principle.


In context, about a weeks senior developer wages,

Are you saying that although you have been paying for the development all this time, the development done wouldn’t be worth doubling the price for you ?

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See OP

As it is due to exchange rate fluctuations it is important to note that by paying more the additional money isnt actually going to TR - they still get the same amount of money in dollars. it does make it an expensive option here in the UK though with the current exchange rate.


Hmm not sure that OP’s giving it up after 3 years for (completely understandable) personal reasons and whether I would join now at full price are directly comparable. In the event I probably would not join again now for my own different set of personal reasons… but then I am not self employed and am lucky to have steady employment at a level where a $20/month sub isn’t that big of a concern.

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There is a whole thread for discussing Legacy Pricing.


Only with more recent Garmin devices I think - certainly doesn’t show on my old 810 or on Connect.

It did show up on my 1040 Solar, however I only owned that for about 1 month before it was stolen (£630 down the drain, making any discussion of TR pricing pale into insignificance :smiley: )

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I don’t subscribe to zwift (dropped it several years ago) but still do a couple of rides a month on it as everyone gets 25km for free each month which is handy as my Tri club do weekly time trial races. If choose hilly courses then 25km can cover 2 rides, especially as only need to have 1km left to start a new ride and then can just carry on (it doesn’t kick you out once 25km are used up, just can’t start a new ride), so could do a 24km ride then a 200km ride if wanted another day. I know doesn’t help with TR but if zwift subscriber but don’t use it often then worth knowing.


I don’t Zwift but could one just keep their profile open/on/alive once they started the second ride as you describe?
As in do your second ride, don’t end it, and ride it again the next day? Rinse and repeat for the month? Start a new 25km allotment when the month rolls around.

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