Newer alu bike with trail spec vs older carbon bike with XC spec

After breaking my bike a few weeks ago, I’m looking for another ride to race XC.

Options are a new alu Canyon Grand Canyon 8 and a used Kross Level 11 carbon bike.
Both are pretty closely specced, with the Kross obviously being lighter with carbon seatpost and frame, and XC tires. The canyon is a lot sturdier with a dropper, 120mm fox 34 fork and trail tires.
What concerns me is how upgradeable the Kross frame is in XC standards.
The frame has 142mm thru axle and it’s a 2020 model. Is that something to worry about on this boost everything era? I’d like to have it for a few years until I graduate and get a proper job.
Also, it’s used carbon, and I just broke my bike’s headtube so I tend to…overthink things. Anyone have experience with carbon Kross bikes?
The Canyon is a safe option but it’s more expensive, and lot heavier so I’d need to swap some things for lighter parts and just live with the heavier frame. But it’s new, and that always brings peace of mind. Unless it comes defective and warranty ends up being a pain due to me living in central america well away from the US.

Which way would you go? Other options are LBS overpriced SX equipped bikes or used FS bikes out of my price range, hence why I’m considering direct with Canyon or the used Kross which popped out last week.
Thanks in advance!