New Zwift Hub One Trainer (Oct. 2023)

I moved your post under the one on the Zwift Hub One, that is connected to this broader announcement (see other articles and videos linked above).

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So, now that Zwift is selling Cores, are we going to get Cog support on all Wahoo models?

The Cog will fit with no issues. It’s just an alternate cassette design that fits any Shimano HG compatible freehub (which includes the Core).

The real question is if Zwift will give support for Virtual Shifting to the Core via the Zwift Play, Click Controllers or another method. Signs seem to point to that as an eventuality, but we will have to wait and see. From the comments and speculation, it seems Zwift may be swapping partners from JetBlack to Wahoo for hardware collaboration.

The VOLT2 was a rebrand/repackage/re-firmware, almost their own product. The CORE replacement isn’t any of those. Likely an indication they’re getting out of the trainer game. Wise. They never sorted global distribution/support/anything. And the Hub/VOLT2 is a mess of regional limitations/restrictions.

I am surprised they swapped to the CORE for the main bundle before the firmware features were on par with the Hub.


Walk in, create havoc and chaos, look around and say “Nope, this is crazy…we are out of here!”

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That’s pretty much it.

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But you could look at it as: they drove other manufacturers to drop the entry price point for wheel on smart trainers to below $500. This could be counted as “Mission Accomplished” :rofl: